mathematics alumniCallum O’Loughlin – Mathematics BSc (Hons) almnus (Class of 2019)

 “Having previously been a student at University of Birmingham, and left there, I had correspondence directly with Newman before joining, and felt I would be able to have a more personable experience here compared to UOB.

The course was excellent, with all lecturers being in frequent contact throughout my tenure, as well as a friendly tight knit cohort which was very pleasant to be in. I feel like I grew as a person whilst on the course, and feel as if I almost graduated from being a ‘student’, not just my course. All the staff were very pleasant and knowledgeable on their content and ways of teaching, I had full confidence in all of them. Frequent contact with all of my tutors helped me hugely to acclimatise to my time at university, and mental health support was offered just in case, during the more tumultuous times.

During my time at Newman I underwent a work placement as a maths teacher in a school in Telford, which I can solidly say was vastly helped by my lecturers. Framing my teaching style on        them helped me be very personable and somewhat popular with the children, as well as maintaining a professional persona with staff across the board. It allowed me to gain a better understanding of how to act and present myself in a workplace setting. The work placement within my course in particular helped me with practical hands-on experience, but the day to day organisational and time management skills earned by attending Newman, as well as problem solving and general logical thinking improvement that has stemmed from doing Mathematics at Newman has helped me greatly.

Since Leaving Newman I have secured 2 separate graduate schemes since leaving Newman, the first at PWC for Assurance, the next at Capgemini for Software Development, where I currently worked for nearly a year.”

Luke Lambert – Mathematics BSc (Hons)

 “I chose to study Maths as I have passion and natural ability for mathematics. Newman was my choice of University because of the smaller group sixes, meaning there is more one to one teaching available. The campus is great, and the support available from across the University appealed to me.

The course meets my expectations with well-balanced modules and assessment types, the Maths team are friendly, approachable and always willing to give their time for help and advice on assessments and course content. Newman is great at providing constant and easily accessible information about student and academic support groups.

 My placement was at the Secondary Academy Maths Department observing, supporting and delivering lessons. This gave me a further insight into the role and responsibilities and maths teacher has and confirmed I still wish to pursue the career.

 After I finish my studies I hope to complete my PGCE in Secondary Mathematics. The course had embedded mathematical approaches and thinking allowing me to easily pass on my understanding through my teaching. It has improved my organisation, communication and teamwork skills which are all key for teaching.

 My advice to future Newman students is to make use of all support offered to you and never waste time struggling with your work as there is always someone willing to help you.”

lucina mathematics graduateLucina Sims – Mathematics BSc (Hons) almnua (Class of 2020)

I chose Mathematics at Newman because I wanted to gain a deeper understanding in Maths after completing it at A-Level, it was a subject that completely grabbed my interest. I wanted to choose a course that would have lead me to build my future career and land my dream job. Newman University has a great course in Mathematics and I liked the modules. The location was great for me as it was away from my home town which lead me to moving out. The size of the university was fantastic because it led me to fulfil leadership roles as well as making great friends.

The course was relatively new when I joined the institution, however it exceeded my expectations as the course material was really thought provoking. I was first worried about all the work although it all paid off. The lecturers were really kind and knowledgeable throughout my time at Newman. They always supported me and were available to talk at any point about Mathematics. Newman has supported me throughout my time at university. One way that Newman supported me was through the Academic Support Advisers, they helped me apply for mitigation circumstances when I needed it.

The work experience placement module really helped my future career because I went for an investment firm. In this I learnt about the real world applications of mathematics first hand, as opposed to learning about it in only theory. After completing the work experience placement, the company offered my return for a paid internship the following summer. This then helped me go on to secure a data analyst role at a music royalty auditor firm.

During my time at Newman, I got involved in many extracurricular activities. In my first year, I became the treasurer of the singing society as well as the academic representative for the class. In this time, I also picked up badminton and joined the sports team. I then went on to become the Vice-Chair of the Music and Drama Society, and later the Societies Officer for the Newman’s Student’s Union. It was really rewarding and a great stress reliever. I also took part in multiple courses that the university’s students’ union offered, such as; Safeguarding, British Sign Language and Suicide Prevention and Awareness Training. These were great starter courses giving me valuable skills for the future.

Since leaving the institution in June 2020, I have completed multiple online courses in software engineering and a virtual experience program in such companies as; JP Morgan Chase & Co. and KPMG. My course has prepared me for loads of different aspects in my career including the use of coding languages that we learnt in one of the first year’s modules. In August 2020, I started as a data consultant for Melos Publishing and am still there now.”

BSc (Hons) Mathematics

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