Clearing for 2019 is now closed and will reopen for 2020 entry on Monday 6th July 2020.

Clearing is the process in which you can secure a place at university if:

  • you are applying after 30th June 2020;
  • you did not receive any offers (or there were none you wanted to accept);
  • or you did not meet the conditions of your offer.

When Clearing opens universities will release information on the courses that they have vacancies for and you can then apply to that university via UCAS Clearing.

Read our Clearing guide


How does the Clearing process work?

If you need to make use of the Clearing process to gain a place at Newman University, then you can follow the below seven steps:

Step 1: Select the course from the Find Your Course page that you wish to apply for.

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Step 2: Call our Clearing hotline or speak to us on social media to confirm if we can offer you a place on the course you have selected; we can also give you more information about the course and entry requirements.

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Step 3: Offer Made. After discussing your qualifications and entry requirements, we are able to make a decision immediately if we can offer you a place (some courses will require you to visit us for an interview).

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Step 4: Refer yourself to UCAS. Once you have been told by our Clearing team that the university would be happy to make you an offer, on the basis of the information you have given us being accurate,  you can then refer yourself to us via UCAS.

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Step 5: Log on to UCAS Track, Click ‘Add Clearing Choice’ and enter the campus details for Newman (code N36) and the course code.

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Step 6: UCAS will notify Newman that the details above have been entered and Newman’s acceptance will be displayed in the choices section.

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Step 7: You will receive a text and/or letter from UCAS to let you know that your place is confirmed and Newman Admissions will then send a Welcome letter with details of Induction and Enrolment.

If not yet registered with UCAS you can go to the site and register (you will then receive a welcome email and personal ID), or contact our friendly admissions team to apply directly to Newman University.

Students who gained their place through Clearing

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Important Dates for 2020 entry

Newman University is currently accepting applications for 2020 entry, up to 30th June, and after 30th June, applications will enter into Clearing.

Replying to offers:

Jan 31st 2020 entry: If you receive all decisions by 3 January, reply by 31 January2020 entry: If you receive all decisions by 16 March, reply by 14 April2020 entry: If you receive all decisions by 31 March, reply by 5 May2020 entry: If you receive all decisions by 6 May, reply by 4 June2020 entry: If you receive all decisions by 13 July, reply by 20 July

If you receive all decisions by:

  • 16 March, reply by 14 April
  • 3 January, reply by 31 January
  • 31 March, reply by 5 May
  • 6 May, reply by 4 June
  • 4 June, reply by 18 June
  • 13 July, reply by 20 July


2020 entry applications received after 30 June are entered into Clearing


2020 entry applications received after 30 June are entered into Clearing



2020 entry Clearing opens


2020 entry Clearing opens



Results Day

2020 A level results day


2020 A level results day

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Open Days

When Clearing is open you will be able to call our Clearing hot-line, or contact us via social media to receive an offer to study your chosen course.

You would need to follow the steps below if you are registered with UCAS when Clearing is open:

  1. Log into UCAS Track to accept our formal offer
  2. ‘Add Clearing Choice’ by entering the course details by the date advised.

The application is then processed to ensure any conditions have been met and the offer will become ‘Unconditional’ in UCAS Track and be followed by a confirmation letter.

N.B. In UCAS Track you can only add one course.

If you are not registered with UCAS then we advise that you call our Clearing hot-line during Clearing.

During Clearing you can call our friendly Admissions team (0121 476 1181) or contact us via Social Media and we will see if we can offer you a place on our course and inform you of the process to decline your original offer in order to accept the your offer from Newman.

You can apply through clearing if you did not meet the entry requirements for a conditional offer elsewhere, or you are holding no offers and have not withdrawn from UCAS.  If you have not previously applied through UCAS, you would need to contact our Admissions department directly.

The UCAS website will have a list of all courses available at Newman (N36), together with extensive information about the Clearing and Adjustment processes. You will also be able to see what courses are available at Newman in Clearing by visiting the Find Your Course page.

If you feel the course you are holding an offer on is no longer suitable you need to release yourself on UCAS from the university with which you are holding an offer. Once you have been released you can apply for other courses.

Applicants with better results than expected will normally have exceeded the conditions of their firm choice. Adjustment provides an opportunity for prospective students to reconsider where and what they should study and we will consider applicants in Adjustment for places at Newman University.

To be eligible to use Adjustment applicants must have achieved results that have met and exceeded the conditions of their conditional firm (CF) choice*, had their offer confirmed and paid the full application fee.

* If you have met but not exceeded the conditions of your CF choice, and want to come to Newman, please contact our admissions team.

If you have applied for a course through clearing, there’s still time to get some student finance in time for the start of your course, visit the Student Finance England web page for further information and then apply online for student finance.

However, the deadline for applications may have passed when Clearing opens, which means Student Finance England may not be able to work out your full entitlement in time for the start of term.

If this is the case:

  • Student Finance England will make sure that you have some student finance available to you as close as possible to the start of your course. You will be initially assessed to work out how much funding you will receive without taking your household income into account.
  • Student Finance England will then fully assess your application based on your household income once they have received and processed all the information and evidence required to support your application.

If you have already applied for student finance but your course, university or college have changed due to the clearing process, you will need to inform Student Finance England of the changes. You can do this quickly and easily by logging into your student finance account and changing your details – even if you applied on paper.

To make sure you are paid your student finance at the start of term, please sign and return the declaration form Student Finance England sent you with your Financial Notification letter. Once you register with your university or college, and they confirm your attendance with Student Finance England, your student finance will be paid into your bank in two to three working days.

Please note that you will not receive any money prior to the course start date. The Maintenance Loan and any grants due to you are paid directly into your bank account and your Tuition Fee Loan is paid directly to your university or college.