Celebrating Unity: Birmingham Newman University and Birmingham Citizens Host Community Iftar for Harmony and Belonging

15/03/2024 by Newman Staff

Birmingham Newman University, in partnership with Birmingham Citizens, hosted a significant Community Iftar on Thursday 14th March, bringing together individuals of diverse faiths to foster unity and understanding.

Welcomed by Professor Richard Medcalf, Pro-Vice Chancellor at Birmingham Newman University, the event featured esteemed speakers and a shared meal, symbolising the spirit of community and inclusivity.

Richard Medcalf and Margaret Holland at Community Iftar

Richard Medcalf, Pro Vice Chancellor Students and Margaret Holland, University Chaplain

As the sun set at 6:11pm, marking the time for Muslims observing Ramadan to break their fast, the evening commenced with the Adhan (call to Prayer) led by Imam Bilal Asif, Muslim Chaplain at Birmingham Newman University, uniting participants in a moment of reflection and gratitude.

Community Iftar with Birmingham Citizens


The Community Iftar serves as a testament to the university’s commitment to diversity, interfaith dialogue, and building bridges across communities.

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