Criminology student’s work published by Centre for Crime and Justice Studies

23/08/2018 by Sinead Staunton

Joanne Davis - Criminology Student
Joanne Davis has just completed her second year of study in Criminology at Newman University, Birmingham. Joanne took advantage of the Student/Staff Academic Practice Partnership opportunities at Newman University and was able to receive funding for her recent research activities.

Joanne worked with Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Dr John Moore researching criminal justice activity in the year following the Grenfell Tower fire. Following on from this research both Joanne and John wrote a number of short articles, one of which was published by the Centre of Crime and Justice Studies this month.

Joanne commented “I was approached by Dr John Moore, one of the fantastic criminology lecturers at Newman, to get involved in the project. We had a lecture focusing on the Grenfell disaster which prompted some very interesting discussions.

“The student/staff partnerships provide an opportunity to expand learning and apply theory to real life context. The project will also make an interesting addition to my C.V. The project was an opportunity to apply theoretical learning to a very current criminology issue.”

The article which was published by the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies focuses on three case studies and monitors the criminal justice activity in the year following the fire.

The subject is one which both Joanne and John feel passionately about and Joanne was particularly pleased to hear her work had been published. When asked how she felt when she found out her work was published, Joanne commented “What can I say? Amazing! I sent the link to my close friends and family. I was very proud!”

The article can be viewed on the Crime and Justice website.

The Academic Practice Unit at Newman University aims to promote and support activities which help staff and students jointly develop and reflect on academic practices in the light of theory but also in the light of shared values. The funded projects at the university engage students as co-investigators and developers of Newman University’s learning community.