Dr John Moore features in the January edition of History Today

20/12/2018 by Sinead Staunton

John Moore in History Today

Dr John Moore, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Newman University, Birmingham has seen his article entitled Behind Victorian Bars published in the January edition of History Today.

Dr Moore explores the thoughts ‘from unorganised havens of ‘cloth and debauchery’ to systemised institutions and inflicting ‘pain and terror’, Victorian ‘model’ prisons were anything but.”

The article, which is available in the History Today magazine from today, explores the prison systems during the reign of Queen Victoria and after her death. The article explains how prisons were ran and the idea that they were sociable places, the process of transportation of prisoners and the new regulations passed by Parliament in the mid 1800’s.

Topics including the end of transportation, a state of failure and perennial problems are also covered in the article by Dr Moore.

To read the article in full visit the History Today website.