Dr Mike Seal publishes ninth book

06/08/2019 by Sinead Staunton

Mike Seal book - The Interruption of Heteronormativity in Higher Education, Queer and Critical Pedagogies

Dr Mike Seal, Reader in Critical Pedagogy has just published his ninth book The Interruption of Heteronormativity in Higher Education, Queer and Critical Pedagogies for Palgrave Macmillan.

Located within the theoretical framework of queer and critical pedagogy and based on extensive empirical research, Mike explores the dynamics of heteronormativity and its interruption on professional courses in a range of higher education institutions. For Mike ‘Coming out’ needs to be a pedagogical act, carried out concurrently with the interruption of other social constructions. Mike also calls for co-created and co-held spaces that emphasise inter-subjectivity, encounter, and working in the moment. This pioneering book is a call to action to all those concerned with interrupting and problematising presumed binary categories of sexuality within the heterosexual matrix.

Mike Comments, “A long time in development this one, and I hope it’s worth it. I would like to thank my colleagues and students for engaging with the subject and Newman for being supportive in conducting the research. For me heteronormativity is as much about gender as it is about sexuality and as such, we need to recognise it is damaging for all. The book is dedicated to all those living in the shadow of masculinity.”

Mike’s previous books include Participatory Pedagogic Impact Research: Co-production with Community Partners in Action. (2018) for Routledge, Trade Union Education – Transforming the World (Editor) (2017) for New Internationalist and Responding to Youth Violence through Youth Work (2016) (with Pete Harris) for Policy Press.