Kevin Hogan speaks on BBC radio

24/02/2020 by Sinead Staunton

Kevin Hogan

Senior Lecturer in Counselling Studies at Newman University, Kevin Hogan has recently shared his expertise on the topic of bereavement support for men who have lost a child.

The BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio show, which aired on Friday 21st February, featured a number of local men who, after losing a child, had decided to take on ten challenges in ten days whilst supporting each other through the process of loss.

Kevin’s research interests lie in the fields of student learning, counselling integration and male mental health. Kevin was invited on the show to share his knowledge on the importance of men sharing experiences together, breaking down  barriers, and allowing time to grieve.

The topic is one that is often in many people’s minds. At the beginning of February ‘Time to Talk Day’ took place across the nation to encourage everyone including those who are suffering with mental health problems to talk, listen and to change lives.

The NHS have also recently launched an ‘Every Mind Matters’ campaign which has seen numerous well-known faces encouraging people to talk and look after their own mental health.

Kevin Hogan reiterates this importance in the interview as he commented “it’s OK for men to seek help, as there is often a lot of stigma around men asking for help, but promoting mental health, promoting access to psychological wellbeing, and men talking with other men is so important. It’s sometimes something we forget to do.”

To view Kevin’s research visit his staff profile.