Love Newman Event Spreads Love and Positivity on Valentine’s Day

15/02/2024 by Newman Staff

In the spirit of love and appreciation, Birmingham Newman University celebrated Valentine’s Day with a heartwarming internal event called ‘Love Newman’, bringing together staff and students for a day filled with compassion, warmth and gratitude. 

The event, aptly named ‘Love Newman’, aimed to foster a sense of community and connection amongst the university’s staff and students, encouraging acts of kindness and appreciation throughout the day. 

Love Newman 2024 activities

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for participants to express their gratitude by writing postcards of thanks and appreciation to fellow colleagues, staff members, peers, and students. This simple yet powerful gesture allowed individuals to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of those within the Newman community. 

Wolfie, university mascot at Love Newman

In the centre of the Atrium stood a piano where staff and students were invited to take a seat to share their musical talents and spread joy through the power of music. 

Playing the piano at Love Newman

To promote physical and mental well-being, a lunchtime ‘Love Your Body’ yoga session was held, encouraging participants to nurture and appreciate their bodies through gentle movement and mindfulness. 

HR participated in the event showcasing staff benefits and well-being at Birmingham Newman University.HR at Love Newman

Additionally, the event included a donation drive to support the university community pantry, which provides essential food and toiletry items to students and staff in need. The generosity displayed during the donation drive exemplified the spirit of compassion and solidarity within the Newman community. Community pantry food donations

For those with a sweet tooth, a cookie decorating activity provided a fun and creative outlet for expressing affection and spreading joy. Staff and students enjoyed decorating cookies for themselves or someone special, which added a touch of sweetness to the day’s activities. 

Decorating cookies at Love Newman

Speaking about the event, Professor Richard Medcalf, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) of Birmingham Newman University, commented, “Love Newman has been a day where we have celebrated the community at Birmingham Newman University. We have had the opportunity to raise some money for our community, share the love and give our appreciation to those who work here, those who study here and members of our local community as well.”  

Throughout the event, the campus was filled with a sense of love and positivity. Whether through heartfelt postcards and post-it notes, generous donations, mindful yoga practice, or sweet treats, Love Newman exemplified the spirit of community and compassion at Birmingham Newman University.