Newman achieves renewal of Fairtrade University Status

12/06/2018 by Sinead Staunton

Fairtrade at Newman University

Newman University was approved as a Fairtrade institution in 2006 and has fully supported the ongoing international Fairtrade campaign ever since. The university was approved again as a Fairtrade institution in 2015 and now in June 2018, the university has continued this success and been approved for the third time by the Fairtrade Foundation.

Newman understands the importance of the Fairtrade campaign as it addresses that workers in many developing countries are expected to work long hours and in poor conditions in order to supply their goods, however, trade prices barely cover the cost of production and in many cases doesn’t even enable sustainable living. Fairtrade aims to improve the conditions in these under-developed countries, and as an independent label it assures that producers are receiving a fair deal.

The Fairtrade mark means that the people who produced the goods are able to sell their produce at a reasonable and fair price whilst retaining some money to reinvest in community developments. It is an ethical way of shopping and high quality goods are always guaranteed. The work is often through co-operatives and in many cases can be literally life saving for whole communities.

With this in mind, Newman University provides Fairtrade alternatives in the University Restaurant, and its Atrium Café , where all Coffee and Hot Chocolate are Fairtrade and a wide choice of teas are available. As well as this all ingredients used for university hospitality beverages are also Fairtrade.

Catering Staff at the university are keen to promote Fairtrade products and other proactive groups – One world Society and CAFOD – have raised awareness and promote the benefits of Fairtrade by running stalls and promotional events.

The most recent update to the university sees the Students’ Union clothing, including Hoodies and T Shirts, are now made from Fairtrade organic cotton.

Newman is proud of its Fairtrade status, which reflects the activities carried out by the students, staff, and customer support.

Throughout Fairtrade Fortnight and over the past year, Newman has been actively raising awareness across the campus through its events, including ‘Go Bananas for Fairtrade’, coffee mornings and Fairtrade chocolate fountain.