Newman Health & Wellbeing counsellors working with Living Well UK to deliver a dedicated crisis call-line for Key Workers in the West Midlands

22/04/2020 by Sinead Staunton

Health & wellbeing deliver crisis line for key workers

With key workers across the country continuing to work around the clock to save lives of those affected by Covid-19, West Midlands charity Living Well UK has rolled-out a new initiative to ensure that their mental health needs are supported at this crucial time. The charity has launched a free call-line, offering access to trained counsellors and talking therapists – including several from Newman Health & Wellbeing. In addition, in more severe cases, immediate mental health triage support exclusively for those on the frontline is available.

Creating a safe and full-supported space for key workers to turn to in times of need, Living Well UK has partnered with the Birmingham and Solihull Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to open the dedicated phone line that will provide support for those who feel that their mental health is suffering from the on-going effects of Coronavirus.

Speaking about the new initiative, Living Well UK CEO, Ben Howells, commented:

“There is no more pressing time than now for this initiative to launch; with thousands of people continuing to head to work to keep our vital services running, the pressure of working in a key-worker role currently is not to be underestimated. That’s why we’ve partnered with Birmingham and Solihull CCG to get this dedicated call-line active as soon as possible.

From NHS nurses and doctors, to those keeping our supermarket shelves stocked, we know that long hours and increased demand will be taking its toll. It’s absolutely crucial now, more than ever, that support structures like this are in place as and when they need them. These people are going out day-after-day to help save millions of lives; it’s our turn to look after them.

The key worker line, which is free to call, is accessible to anyone who is living in Birmingham and classed as one of the front-line staff in the fight against the Covid-19. Whether they are dealing with anxiety and worry related to the virus; experiencing burn-out from the demands; or anything in between: the phone-line provides workers with a safe space to talk, as well as giving instant access to immediate counselling if they need additional support.

To seek advice, support or counselling, call Living Well UK’s dedicated lines now. For the key-worker support line, call 0121 663 1217 and for general support call 0121 262 3555.