Newman’s Dr Nicole Andrews features live on BBC News

11/05/2020 by Sinead Staunton

Newman University’s Lecturer in Health and Social Care, Dr Nicole Andrews, has recently shared her expertise with various news channels including BBC News.

Dr Andrews shared her thoughts on the reports that those within the BAME communities have seen more deaths because of COVID-19 when compared with other communities. Dr Andrews stresses the importance of looking at the reasons why this might be the case and how issues around health and equality are not a new topic for discussion.

Dr Andrews spoke with BBC News live on Thursday 7th May as well as Al-Jazeera news channel earlier that morning to discuss the links between health issues such as diabetes, with those in the BAME communities, and the fact that many are classified as key workers.

To read more from Dr Andrews on this topic visit the following article: Dr Andrews shares expertise on linking genes with COVID-19.