Newman’s electricity will be provided from renewable energy sources from April

07/03/2019 by Sinead Staunton

Energy Consortium

This week Newman University is proud to support Green Week 2019, a national initiative to raise awareness of environmental issues, particularly climate change.

Newman University is pleased to announce that from the 1st April 2019, in partnership with The Energy Consortium, the electrical supply feeding the University will be purchased from the Clean Tech tariff, meaning that their electricity will be provided from renewable energy sources, such as solar PV and wind generation only.

Newman already produces almost 11% of their electricity from their own solar PV’s on campus.  Today the Chair of the Environmental Committee met with representatives from The Energy Consortium and the University’s Students’ Union to approve the change to this new clean electricity tariff.

Tony Sharma, Newman University’s Chief Finance Officer and the Chair of the Environmental Committee said, ”this clearly demonstrates Newman University’s commitment to ensuring that our University becomes as green as possible, clearly we understand that our University does impact on our environment, but this commitment reduces that impact and is a further step in the right direction towards becoming a sustainable campus. We would like to thank Paula Ponting from The Energy Consortium for negotiating this change of contract on our behalf”.