Newman’s IT Department donates phones to local charity

16/06/2021 by Sinead Staunton

IT department gives charity Open Dorz phones

The IT Department at Newman University has donated over 20 mobile phones to local charity Open Dorz.

Open Dorz has been running a ‘help the phoneless’ campaign during the pandemic with the aim of making a difference to some of the most vulnerable members of society.

With technology, specifically mobile phones, being something that many of us rely on daily, the team at Open Dorz felt it was extremely important to raise money to be able to provide phones for the homeless people in Birmingham. The work that the team are doing is invaluable as it allows homeless people in the region to be able to use the phones to make doctor’s appointments, contact job centres as well as being able to keep in touch with family and friends at a time where face-to-face meetings have been more difficult.

Emily Ashmore, the Founder and Director at Open Dorz, graduated from Newman University in 2020 and set up Open Dorz whilst studying. Open Dorz has already done a great amount of work within the community and the Help the Phoneless Campaign is another of its great successes.

Adam Marusiak, Wireless Network & Telecommunications Technician at Newman University comments “‘We have always recycled our equipment through external companies, but always thought we could do more with it. When I found out these could go to a better cause I was more than happy to help. To know the phones are going to give people the opportunity to communicate with others is amazing, especially in these tough times we are all going through. I know how much this means to OpenDorz and we are so pleased to have built this relationship and hopefully we can help more in the future.”

The phones donated by Newman University will add to those already distributed by Open Dorz. For those wishing to get involved with the campaign, Open Dorz has set up an Amazon wish list where you can purchase phones and credit, as well as a Go Fund Me page for those who prefer a monetary donation towards the cause.

Emily Ashmore, commented “Emily Ashmore commented “The campaign has grown even bigger and OpenDorz are now receiving referrals from all kinds of organisations such as St Basils, Anawim, Midland Heart and many others, in order to provide phones to services uses not just homeless people but people from all different unfortunate circumstances. A mobile phone is now a lifeline and not a luxury.

“An example of someone we have worked with is a female who is currently in refuge after fleeing domestic abuse. Her phone is broken and unusable, and her phone is her lifeline to friends and family and agencies involved in her case. She is suffering depression and anxiety and not being able to contact those who are supporting her is taking a toll.  The family also have social service involvement and she needs to speak to her social worker and refuge staff regularly, but this is now not possible.

“Referrals we receive have been a real eye opener and hard hitting, however, the fact that we can provide them with this lifeline makes a real difference. We appreciate all the support we have received from organisations such as Newman University it really does make a difference.”