Sue McPherson retires after working over 30 years at Newman Students’ Union

01/03/2022 by Leah Masters

Sue McPherson

Newman Students’ Union administrator Sue McPherson has now retired after working over 30 years at Newman.

Having first joined Newman Students’ Union in 1991, Sue has seen Newman grow from a college to a University and has an invaluable knowledge of the institution which she has shared with her teams over the years. Sue has been involved with many projects, including managing expenditure and supporting the various societies within the SU and students studying at Newman.

A pillar of support for the officers of the SU, Sue has been described as ‘the light and soul of Newman Students’ Union and everything it stands for‘.

President of the Students’ Union, Alex Reston, described her as ‘one of those rare people who touches your life and has a significant positive impact that you could never forget. Her authenticity made her easy to work with and even easier to love. She was a constant source of support for me, especially in the first few weeks and months of being a full-time officer and I’ll miss her pep talks and presence in the office.

On behalf of the University we wish Sue an enjoyable and restful retirement.

To find out more about what’s on at the SU and how you can get involved via the Newman Students’ Union website.