Valentine’s Ghost Stories by Juliette Harrisson

07/02/2020 by Sinead Staunton

Juliette Harrison

Senior Lecturer in History at Newman University, Juliette Harrisson is holding a public event based on her research on ancient ghost stories this Valentine’s Day.

6:30pm on Friday 14th February at the Coffin Works in Birmingham, Juliette will be telling ancient Anti-Valentine’s ghost stories. Juliette comments, “These Greco-Roman tales have romantic relationships in them, but all does not end well for these star-crossed lovers – not least because at least one partner is dead all along.

“In the story of Melissa and Periander from Herodotus’ Histories, cruel tyrant Periander needs his dead wife’s help, but she is not impressed with him, for several reasons. In the story of Phillinnion and Machetes from Phlegon of Tralles’ Mirabilia, young romantic Machetes finds himself in a relationship with a young woman who is not what she seems…”

Juliette, host of the Creepy Classics podcast, will dramatically re-tell these ancient ghost stories which will be followed by a short talk about the story, looking at how Juliette has adapted it, where it comes from, and how it might or might not relate to ancient afterlife belief.

To purchase tickets for an alternative Valentine’s evening visit the Coffin Works website.