With a background in environmental studies and the history of science, Alexander completed his PhD thesis on the post-war development of public communications and weather warnings at the Met Office at the University of Manchester in 2012. Since then he has worked on a range of post-doctoral and consultancy projects, concerned with the public communication of science and the public understanding of science.

Alexander has received research and travel grants from amongst others the British Council, the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, and the Economic and Social Research Council.

For further information, please visit Alexander’s personal website


Current Administrative Duties

Alexander is currently the administrator and editor of the Newman based Science & Religion: Exploring the Spectrum website and blog


Research Interests

Currently Alexander is researching the history of media representations of biological evolution and religion in twentieth-century Britain, as part of the multidisciplinary project Science & Religion: Exploring the Spectrum. More broadly he is interested in histories at the intersection of science, society, policy, and the environment.

Other Activities

Membership of Professional Organisations

Alexander is currently the email list manager for the International Commission on the History of Meteorology and is an active member of both the British Society for the History of Science and the European Society for Environmental History.


Research Supervision

James Riley (2016 – onward) Co-supervisor with Dr Fern Elsdon-Baker (Newman University)


PhD Supervision Topics

History of the public communication of science (20th Century)

History of meteorology, climatology and climate change studies (20th Century)

History of evolution and religion (20th Century)

History of the environmental sciences (20th Century)


Public Engagement and Online

Hall, Alexander (2015) “Partners of convenience: the Met Office and the BBC,” The Guardian,

History of Science – the H-Word Blog

Hall, Alexander (Ongoing) Editor, Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum Blog

Hall, Alexander (2014) “The Thames Barrier: London’s moveable flood defense,” Arcadia: Online explorations in European Environmental History, Environment and Society Portal

Hall, Alexander (2014) “Using digital techniques to broaden participatory approaches in environmental history: the Snow Scenes Exhibition,” Environment and History, Field Notes Essay

Hall, Alexander (Ongoing) Co-organiser, Bright Club Manchester – stand-up comedy performed by academics

Hall, Alexander (2013) “Alex Hall: PhD Student,” British Library – case study and profile on my research.

Hall, Alexander (2013) Editor, ICHSTM 2013 Blog

Hall, Alexander (2013) “The North Sea flood of 1953,” Arcadia: Online explorations in European Environmental History, Environment and Society Portal

Hall, Alexander (2013) “60 years on: remembering the North Sea Flood of 1953” (Also hosted on YouTube)

Hall, Alexander (Ongoing) Personal website and blog, Green Gambit


Recent Conference Presentations

“Darwin through God’s pen: representations of evolution in the British religious press, 1945-1985.” Three Societies Meeting, Edmonton, Canada, June 2016

“Framing evolution and religion on the BBC.” The International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, Gainesville, USA, Jan 2016

“Framing Evolution on the BBC: some preliminary findings.” Science in Public, Bristol, UK, July 2015

“Remembering in God’s name: the role of the church and community institutions in commemorating floods.” International Conference of Historical Geographers, London, UK, July 2015

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“Snow Scenes: exploring the role of place in weather memories.” World Congress for Environmental History, Guimarães, Portugal, July 2014

“From the airfield to the high-street: The Meteorological Office’s role in the emergence of commercial weather services in the United Kingdom.” Working atmospheres: contemporary and historical perspectives on weather and climate services, Manchester, UK, November 2013

“Beyond the Ivory Tower: Using New Media to Disseminate Environmental History.” European Society for Environmental History Conference, Munich, Germany, August 2013

“Will my street flood? – Public understandings of digital weather forecasts and warnings.” European Society for Environmental History Conference, Munich, Germany, August 2013

“Thinking like a business: Public weather services at the British Meteorological Office, 1953-1961.” 24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine, Manchester, UK, July 2013

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“Framing the Sky: The (re)Birth of Weather Forecasting on British Television, 1954.” Science Communication and its History – III, Oxford, UK, January 2013


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