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Allison worked in banking for 13 years before changing careers and training to become a primary school teacher.  She specialised in working with children in nursery, reception and key stage one. Between 1997 and 2004 she worked in several schools in Birmingham and the West Midlands and was Foundation Stage leader.  In 2004 she took up a research post at Newman funded by the European Social Fund.  This enabled her to research the skills gaps and training needs of the early years workforce in the Midlands region.   Upon successful completion of this project she was employed by Newman as a lecturer/senior lecturer.  She led the Foundation Degree for Teaching and Learning Support before taking on the role of Head of Early Childhood Education and Care in 2016.  She was also awarded Senior Fellowship of the HEA in 2016 and is currently studying for a PhD from the University of Bristol.



Research Interests

Allison’s PhD research considers the birth children of foster carers and family stress management.  She is also currently working with a colleague to undertake research into physical activity in the foundation stage.   Other research interests include the development of children’s early literacy skills and children and family transitions.


Allison teaches on a range of modules including Dissertation, Research Methods and Early Childhood Curriculum and Assessment.

Administrative Responsibilities

Allison is Head of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Membership of Professional Organisations

Allison is a member of the CoramBAAF research group and also a member of BELMAS Early Years Special Interest Group.


Other Activities

Conferences and Other Research Activity

Conference Addresses and Papers

  • February 2018 – Birth children of foster carers: adult birth children’s perspectives, CoramBAAF, London.
  • June 2017 – Do we want to hear?  Impact of fostering of the birth children of foster carers.  – Presentation at University of Bristol
  • June 2015 – Being brought up in a foster family: adult birth children’s perspectives –

Festival of Doctoral Research, Newman University.

January 2014 – Sons and daughters of foster carers: how they support looked after young

people – Poster Presentation at Rees Centre, Oxford University

September 2012 – Birth children of foster carers – Conference –Growing up in Britain at

Newman University.

March 2011 – The Role of Teaching Assistants in supporting inclusion in England –

International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference ‘Social Inclusion – Is it possible?’

Sieradz, Poland

August 2010 – The changing face of the care system in England: a case study – OMEP

Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden.

August 2009 – The changing face of the care system in England: a case study – Strasbourg,


March 2005 – Skills Gaps and Training Needs within the Early Years Sector – 5th Warwick

International Early Years Conference – University of Warwick. United Kingdom

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Tatton, A. and Collett, C. (2012) The role of teaching assistants in supporting inclusion in England, Przegląd badań edukacyjnych” (Educational Research Review)

Smith, C. Akhtar Y. Reynold, S. Tatton, A. and Tucker S. (2005) A research-led approach to establishing foundation degrees, Research in Post-Compulsory Education, v10 No 1 p27 – 38

Chapters in Books

Tatton, A., Bright C. and Thomas, L. (eds) (2018 forthcoming) Supporting children and young people in schools: a guide for Foundation Degree students, London: Routledge.

Tatton, A., Doing your Research Project in Tatton, A. Bright, C. and Thomas, L. (eds) (2018 forthcoming) Supporting children and young people in schools: a guide for Foundation Degree students. London: Routledge.

Tatton, A.,  Bright, C.  and Thomas, L. (2018 forthcoming) The role of the teaching assistant in Tatton, A and Bright C. Supporting children and young people in schools: a guide for Foundation Degree students. London: Routledge.

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Tatton, A. in Clark M. and Tucker S. (eds) (2010) Early childhoods in a changing world, Stoke on Trent, Trentham.


Baranowska, W. McGillivray, G. Popa, A.E. Argent, K Collett, C. Harris, D. Leszka, J. Mara D.. Mara, E. Tatton A. and Treadwell, L. (2011) Play and Learning in the Early Years for Inclusion – PLEYIn Working collaboratively in an international context

Tatton A, (2005) Skills Gaps and Training Needs in the Early Years Sector, Birmingham, Newman

College. Available at: http://www.newman.ac.uk/courses/SC_PD/esf_reports/Early%20Years%20Report.pdf

Other Forms of Research/Scholarship

2009 Small scale research project into training needs for the early childhood sector.

2012 member of the ‘Going Global’ project and bid for external funding from HEA

2012 Research into impact of Foundation Degree on supporting schools.



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