Meet the team

Dr Jai Mackenzie

The Applied Writing programme is led by Dr. Jai Mackenzie, and supported by staff from Applied Humanities, English and Creative Writing. Jai began her professional life as a secondary school teacher, working at Waverley School in Bordesley Green between 2005 and 2013. She returned to Higher Education in 2013 to complete her PhD at Aston University, and has since worked at the Universities of Birmingham and Nottingham in both teaching and research roles. Jai has particular expertise in the areas of identity & community, gender & sexuality, digital advocacy & activism and family roles & relationships.

You can contact Jai with any questions you may have about studying Applied Writing:

In Semester 1, Level 4 students will examine their own identities and histories, exploring how they can draw on their personal memories and experiences to write and create new work. They will also be introduced to key critical and cultural theories, as well as key skills and tools of writing and creative production. The programme has been designed for individuals who aspire to create innovative new work, to inspire communities and to develop employment-focused writing skills. There is no expectation that students will arrive with fully formed ideas, but they will develop their own interests and individual voice as they move through the programme. They will be able to shape their degree around the social issues they care about, the skills they want to develop, and the futures they want to create for themselves and others. Teaching will be practical, student-led, and have a strong focus on engaging with the world outside of university.

Mondays 11:00am-14:00pm & 15:00-17:00pm

Wednesdays 10:00am-13:00pm

Full details of your individual academic timetable will be available on mynewman after you have completed online enrolment and set up your student login.

The programme lead will be in touch with students individually to introduce herself and discuss any pre-course activities.