Drama at Newman offers challenges, opens the mind, and broadens horizons. Giving confidence, self-belief and the ability to work with others, whilst exploring some of the most important questions in society, the courses encompass far more than actor training; the modules give you a broad understanding of the art form as a whole, including many of the practical skills required in the theatre.

You will learn about the history of drama and theatre, how the various facets of theatre come together in a performance and an understanding of how drama can reflect and influence society.

Discover Drama at Newman University Friday 8th July 10am – 3pm (PDF Download)

Courses of interest:

BA (Hons) Drama, Theatre and Applied Performance

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

3 years full-time

Drama and Education BA (Hons)

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

3 years full-time

Drama and English BA (Hons)

Undergraduate -

3 years full-time

Drama full-time top-up award

Undergraduate - BA (Hons)

1 year full-time

MRes Humanities

Postgraduate -

1 year full-time, 2 years part-time