NILE - Newman Institute for Leadership in Education

NILE is a hub for a growing network of services offered by the School of Education at Newman. It will be of interest to colleagues involved in leadership in school and HEIs, and more generally those involved in pastoral care in all educational institutions. This includes school governors and other professionals seeking support in order to develop knowledge and understanding of leadership within faith and non-faith based settings as well as respond to specific issues facing school leaders and policy managers in education today.

Key thematic foci underpinning the research agenda in NILE are:

  • learning leadership and leadership for learning
  • pedagogic leadership including a particular focus upon digital literacy and creative learning
  • leading and managing faith-based education
  • multi-professional educational management and leadership
  • inclusive, adaptive and authentic leadership models in practice
  • leadership and management in all phases of education [nursery, school, college, university]

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