NILE - Newman Institute for Leadership in Education

What is the Newman Institute of Leadership in Education?

The Newman Institute of Leadership in Education (NILE) is a research centre located within Newman University and led by academics in the Faculty of Education. The research centre is dedicated to work in educational leadership across all phases of education and multi-professional practice. The centre offers a client-based partnership service and a portfolio aimed at the production and delivery of research, knowledge transfer and consultancy. Three key areas of work in NILE are: [1] leadership and management within schools and higher education institutions (HEIs), including Catholic school leadership and management; [2] pedagogic leadership; and [3] the leadership and management of pastoral care. These are embedded in a wider range of evaluative research and audit services, institutional improvement interventions and accredited/non-accredited CPD.


  • NILE is a new hub for a growing network of services offered by the Faculty of Education at Newman University. It will be of special interest to colleagues involved in leadership in schools and HEIs, and more generally pastoral care in all educational institutions, including school governors and other professionals, seeking support in order to develop knowledge and understanding of leadership to respond to specific issuesthe development of values-based approaches to leading specific issues facing school leaders and educational leaders today
  • Non-accredited learning
  • National professional recognition via the Teaching & Learning Academy
  • Masters level academic accreditation eg Postgraduate Certificates and MA Education awards in: Leadership & Management in Education; Catholic School Leadership; Safeguarding etc.
  • Invitations to arrange events regarding leadership in education

NILE offers work in:

  • Accredited/ non-accredited learning / CPD in Leadership & Management
  • Consultancy, knowledge transfer and knowledge management
  • Practitioner enquiry & Participatory Action Research
  • Organizational learning and institutional improvement
  • Learning & pedagogic leadership
  • Leading pastoral care
  • Faith-based leadership & school management

NILE academics and practitioner associates from schools have expertise in the following areas of educational leadership and management:

  • Assessment-led Pedagogy
  • Change Management
  • Chaplaincy
  • Creative Leadership
  • Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Education Policy
  • Governance
  • Individual Differences
  • Learning
  • Mentoring & Coaching
  • Multi-Professional Learning
  • Pastoral Care
  • Pedagogy
  • School Improvement
  • Technology
  • Youth Work

Links to and/or working with:

  • Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership
  • British Educational Leadership, Management and Administration Society
  • British Education Research Association
  • Catholic Association of Secondary Head Teachers
  • Catholic Education Service
  • Birmingham RC Diocesan Education Service
  • Leadership Foundation in Higher Education
  • Cardinal Newman Society
  • Titan Partnership

The National Association for Pastoral Care in Education

For alumni, those employed in a partner organisation, Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership members and Titan Partnership members, there is a 10% discount on masters level fees.

What next? 

For further details and to be added to our  NILE distribution list, please contact Cherilyn Ward (NILE Administrator):

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