Criminology BA (Hons) - with Foundation Year

Course length: 4 years full-time


What is the course?

Newman University is piloting a new innovative foundation year for their social science degrees. The pre-degree year of this four year course, if passed, leads into the same study programme as the 3 year joint honours degree course in Criminology.

This foundation year enables those unable to access the traditional UCAS tariff requirements for a three year degree, an alternative route into beginning and ultimately gaining an honours degree.


Drawing on a wide range of concepts, models and comparative perspectives, this programme will engage you from the outset. You will quickly become immersed in fascinating contemporary debates about the role of the media in constructing crime as a social problem, about the causes and consequences of offending behaviour, and about ‘what works’ in terms of preventing, detecting and reducing crime. You will also critically examine the moral and ethical dimensions and purposes of punishment, and the dilemmas facing policy makers, practitioners and sentencers in their decision-making. The course benefits from regular  guest contributions from criminal justice professionals and other external expert  speakers who provide detailed insights into the practical aspects of responding to crime and its victims, as well as highlighting potential graduate employment opportunities in related fields.

Course content

The programme offers a varied, yet focused, choice of subjects through which you will be able to develop your interests within the specialised field of criminology. Year one establishes your broad understanding of the social sciences and issues of social inequality. It also introduces you to the many facets of criminology including criminal justice, criminological theory, psychology and sociology. As you progress through the programme you will explore different types of crime, including alcohol and drug-related offending, cybercrime, hate crime and white-collar crime.

You will deepen your understanding of the theoretical assumptions, ideologies and research evidence that frame and influence criminal justice policy in our increasingly globalised society. You will also have opportunities to undertake a work placement as part of your studies and,  in your final year dissertation, to pursue independent, in-depth research into a criminological topic of particular interest to you.

What is it about?

The Foundation Year in Social Sciences promotes student understanding of education, society and the social sciences alongside consideration of their own educational journey, to effectively prepare them for degree level study. It sees personal reflection, growth and high levels of student determination as essentials. It provides a supportive learning environment which develops confidence, intellectual curiosity in tandem with the ability to manage working as a member of a team as well as autonomously. The programme emphasises non-formal adult learning and democratic development on an individual and community level.

Students apply for a named foundation year degree but can swap onto other degrees within the Foundation Year route in the course of the year, if the subject agrees.

Further Information

For further information regarding years 2, 3 and 4 of this course please visit the 3 year degree course details. Criminology BA (Hons)

Career opportunities

This course progresses a broad range of transferable skills that are highly valued by employers in a wide range of work situations. Possible career destinations would include roles within policing, probation, prison service, victim support and youth offending teams, as well as opportunities for crime analysts and investigators in the expanding private security sector. Key skills in research methods, critical evaluation and analysis of data  and information, communication and teamwork are especially relevant to a variety of employment pathways within the criminal justice and community safety sphere.

Newman University would like to draw your attention to our Academic Regulations. These regulations are your Terms of Reference and should be considered when making a decision to study with our institution.

Entry requirements

All students begin by applying through UCAS. Students will ideally require 48-80 UCAS points to access the programme. However, as all applicants will be invited to interview, there is opportunity to discuss any circumstances that may have affected the gaining of level three credits.

Those with considerable work and life experience of a complexity that demonstrates an aptitude to study at degree level, but with no formal qualifications, will also be accepted. Different degree pathway options available at the end of the Foundation year have different additional entry requirements.

Whilst not a condition of entry onto the Foundation Year, students wishing to enter particular routes will need to meet these by the time they complete the year. 
Criminology BA (Hons)

If you require any further information or clarification of entry requirements please contact our friendly, helpful Admissions department, who will be happy to help.

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Fees per academic year: 2017/18* 
Fees are currently £4,560 for the Foundation Year 0 and are funded through the government loan scheme (effectively meaning people undertake a four year degree).

Fees for the following three years are currently £9,250 per year. Please go to the standard 3 year degree page for details. Criminology BA (Hons)

* Please note for 2018/19 the University reserves the right to increase fees broadly in line with increases in inflation, or to reflect changes in government funding policies or changes agreed by Parliament.

Finance information

Additional costs:

A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is not required for entry into this programme, although it is in many cases required by employers before students can begin their Year 2 (level 5) work placement.  The cost of the DBS is currently £55 (including processing fee) with the option of subscribing to the update service which is currently £13 per year.  For more information on your DBS application please click here.

Criminology BA (Hons) - with Foundation Year

The Foundation Year

The foundational modules Studentship, Education and Society (1) & (2) go across the programme, examining what is needed to be successful in higher education including one’s personal disposition towards learning. These work through student’s experiences of formal assessment such as exams, reading academically and academic writing conventions, to help develop strategies in overcoming barriers to effective engagement. Concurrently students will undertake the module Foundations of Social Sciences. This explores the relevance of philosophy, politics, sociology, psychology and economics, and applied social science such as sports science, criminology and health to student’s everyday lives.

In the second semester and in tandem with the second Studentship module, students undertake two projects. In Understanding and Exploring Society, students apply what they have learnt to the real world. Students then investigate and make a case for studying on the subsequent course they wish to study. This involves undertaking both desk based research and interviews with lecturers and current students, as well as undertaking direct experience of the teaching conducted across at least two courses within the pathway.

Foundation Year - Semester One
FYS001: Studentship, education and Society (1) (20 credits)
FYS003: Foundations of social science (40 credits)

Foundation Year - Semester Two
FYS002: Studentship, education and Society (2) (20 credits)
FYS004: Understanding and exploring Society (20 credits)
FYS005: Degree route proposal (20 credits)

For course content for years 2,3, and 4 of this course please visit the 3yr full-time degree page
Criminology BA(Hons)


Course code


Course Code: L313

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