Additional costs for undergraduate courses

Additional costs for undergraduate courses

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Last Updated: March 10th 2020

Below are additional costs that you are likely to, or may, incur during your undergraduate studies.


A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) may* be required by employers before students can begin their Year 2 (level 5) work placement.  Find out more about completing the DBS application form and the related additional costs.

Travel Costs

Travel to and from work placement (dependant on distance and mode of transport used).

Optional visit(s) costs may include travel.


Students may have to download software onto laptops/desktops and be subject to the subscription cost for said software.


Students who have to retake a module, may become liable for fees for that module

There are fines for overdue items borrowed from the library.


Newman provides ebook access to core texts, wherever possible and purchases some hard copies of core texts. You may wish to purchase your own copy of core texts and this will typically cost £200 per annum.

Find out more via


Most students like to celebrate their success at the end of their degree by attending graduation. Hiring a gown for the ceremony cost £45 in 2018.

In addition, PGCE course students may occur costs during their studies, relating to Travel costs; Software; Fines/Penalties; Library and Graduation

*A DBS is required for teacher training courses, Early Childhood Education and Care, and Youth and Community Work.

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