Alumni Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans – Business Management

CEO, Birmingham Enterprise Community

Daniel Evans studied his BA (Hons) Business Management at Newman, graduating in 2019 with the aim of completing his Master’s Degree and setting up his own business.

Not long after graduating, Daniel began following the plan he had envisaged as he went on to study an MSc in Entrepreneurship and whilst studying began to start work on building his own business, Birmingham Enterprise Community, which he had developed the idea about whilst at Newman and built on his work setting up the Newman Enterprise Support Team (NEST) society at Newman.

Daniel commented “I had worked several different jobs before being at Newman but knew that in the long term I wanted to start a business for myself. I used the support of the enterprise team at Newman to begin understanding what steps I needed to take to do this so that I could plan out a path towards it. Whilst setting up NEST at Newman I found that I felt passionately about helping other people who had ideas to set up businesses to be able to find the support that they needed to turn it into something real.”

Daniel began speaking with various people in the Birmingham business community to develop a network of contacts and learn more about what support was on offer to new entrepreneurs. Daniel attended events, workshops and shared ideas with the enterprise team on how support for young entrepreneurs could be expanded, which all acted as great practice and experience for what he was to go on to do.

Daniel plans to remain within this career long-terms and since starting his business with two others, it has grown very quickly. “We have had the pleasure of supporting a lot of emerging entrepreneurs to develop their businesses and have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Gymshark & Uber to deliver opportunities to the community we support. I get to work with a huge range of businesses from different industries including Film & Art, Food & Drink, Aerospace and many more meaning that each day is different and get to meet a lot of interesting people working on exciting projects.”

Daniel and his colleagues have set themselves an aim to become one of the major players in supporting entrepreneurs and start-ups on the international stage.

Daniel’s advice would be “take every opportunity you can and don’t be afraid to take a chance. We sometimes say that there is an element of luck involved in getting the job you want or being picked for an opportunity, which is true but you can increase your luck by putting yourself out there in the right places. Want to know what these right places are? Connect with people doing what it is you want to do and ask them what they did!”