Access and Participation Plan

Corporate Information

This section contains information relating to Newman University as an institution, including the corporate structure of the University, policies, procedures and legal information.

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Access and Participation Plan

Please see details in the documents below.

Certificate of Employers’ Liability

Please see Certificate of Employers’ Liability for more information.

Company details

Address Newman University Genners Lane Bartley Green Birmingham B32 3NT Tel +44(0)121 476 1181 Fax +44(0)121 476 1196 Company details...

Data Protection General Information

At Newman University we recognise that your privacy is a serious and important matter and we support the principles of...

Environmental Policies

Here you are able to find details of the Environmental Policies at Newman including details about our waste strategy, travel...


  Equality We are a values-driven university and take our responsibility for equality and diversity very seriously overseen by the...

FOI Charging Policy

Charging Policy for Freedom of Information Requests Many of the documents we hold are freely available via our website. Where...

Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities. It does this in two ways:...

Honorary Graduates

2019 Marcia McLaughlin – Honorary Doctor of Letters Awarded for her considerable achievements in bringing together people from all backgrounds...

How To Find Us

As part of our initiative to be a greener campus, we encourage all visitors to travel to Newman by public...

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