Freedom of Information Act

Freedom of Information Act

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Last Updated: February 20th 2020

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities. It does this in two ways:

  • public authorities are obliged to publish certain information about their activities; and
  • members of the public are entitled to request information from public authorities.

Newman University is committed to the principles of openness and transparency. We are happy to comply with the Freedom of Information Act by providing a Guide to Information (Model Publication Scheme) and by responding to requests for information.

Before you make a request, please consult our Guide to Information (Model Publication Scheme) and other web pages to see if the information is already available.

Please use the options below to help you to find information about the University:

  • View our web-based Guide to Information
  • Use the search facility to see if the information you require is available on Newman University website
  • From the homepage, browse for information by following the links
  • View a PDF copy of the Guide to Information (Model Publication Scheme) below:

If you are unable to find the information you require via the above methods, you may wish to request the information by sending an e-mail to giving the following details: Your name, address, and description of the requested information. Please note as part of computer security procedures we will not open links or attachments sent to us in an FOI email unless we are absolutely certain of the source. Therefore, if you choose to submit your request by email, you need to include the description of your request in the body of the email. You can find advice of submitting an FOI request on the following government website

If you require access to a copy of your own personal data held by the University, you may wish to submit a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR). Information about this can be found on the What is a Data Subject Access Request and How Do I Make One? page.


See also: Guide to the Information Model Publication Scheme Index


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