A career for the common good; it sounds like something everyone should wish to strive for, but what actually is a career for the common good and how can you achieve it?

Gaining a career, which is for the common good, quite simply means that you will have found a vocation where you can give back to the community, and this covers a whole range of professions.

During times such as those we find ourselves in now, we are able to see how various jobs are held in high regard when fighting a worldwide pandemic and there are numerous degree programmes to help you gain a career for the common good, and they might not be as obvious as first thought.

One career that you might think of when talking of careers for the common good is a teacher. Teacher Training degrees allow students to gain the necessary skills to benefit society whilst also feeling rewarded in the process as they inspire those they teach. Currently teachers are being relied on to inspire their students to feel motivated, remain positive and engaged with their education all whilst remaining at home; proving that no two days are the same for teachers. Many teachers will also say how they are able to learn a great deal from their students, which makes the job even more rewarding. Most of us can remember a teacher who believed in us, encouraged us and helped us get to where we wanted to be; this is why teachers choose their profession, to give back and to inspire and to make a real difference in their students’ lives.

This can also be said for those who are Early Childhood Education and Care graduates, who are often the first people that children interact with outside of their own families. Pre-school and Nursery lay the foundations for a child to learn and develop skills they will take into school. Careers within this industry, much like teachers, give back to the community as they care for and teach vital skills to the next generation. Currently those working within the industry and finding ways to continue the developments of children, proving the importance of their roles.

Working with Children, Young People and Families, and Youth and Community Work graduates are also finding new ways to stay in touch virtually with those in their communities to ensure that the hard work previously completed is continued. Both can lead to extremely rewarding jobs working with young people and their families to ensure they receive the best opportunities available to them and in some cases restoring the faith and belief in those people that they can achieve and helping them to do so. Careers within these industries can be hugely rewarding as graduates find themselves experiencing various journeys alongside those they work with and seeing them achieve is why they do the job they do.

Health and Social Care degrees allow graduates to care for those who are more vulnerable with the opportunity to study further upon graduating which can lead to jobs such as a Nurse, Care Worker, or Social Worker, all of whom continue to work on a daily basis to help those who need it. Providing care and support to individuals when families and friends are unable to is something that those within the industry and continuously thanked for. Many graduates within this industry find themselves going above and beyond to give back to their community and ensure everyone receives the same level of care.

There are numerous other areas where people are continuing to give back to their communities including local councillors who may well be former History or Law students and are ensuring communities stay safe; and Counselling graduates who may see themselves still speaking with clients to ensure they remain safe and well.

We have also seen those within the Sport industry give back to communities by ensuring people stay fit and healthy using online methods including giving free nutritional information and workout ideas; and Theology graduates have adapted to support their communities in various ways also.

Accounting and Business may not be the first thought when you think of careers for the common good, however, without business people coming up with new ideas to keep communities entertained, keep deliveries coming to people’s homes, and thinking of new ways they can help communities, situations would prove even more difficult.

As many people have seen their job become virtual, this may not have been possible without Computer Science graduates who have been able to provide numerous solutions to having to work online, and therefore have given back to the community in so many ways.

Many degrees can also lead to working within the charitable sector, which is one which never stops, and there are numerous skills and expertise needed for this; Criminology, Drama, English, Maths, Psychology and Social Science graduates all have skills which can contribute towards a career for the common good.

Careers within these fields are not just vitally important in times such as these, but they are vitally important all-year round. Many careers can be for the common good, if you are able to find your passion and vocation, and then do something positive with it and have an impact on those around you, then you have a career for the common good, and you will find it to be extremely rewarding.

Newman University prides itself in equipping our graduates with the necessary skills and expertise to give back to their community and make a real difference.

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