How to report a positive PCR test result

If you are a Newman staff member and you have received a positive PCR Covid test result, please report it on the Newman Staff Self-Reporting Form.

If you are a Newman student and you have received a positive PCR Covid test result, please report it on the Newman Student Self-Reporting Form.

On those forms you will also find relevant information about what to do next and where you can find support. If someone from the Newman community tells you they have a positive PCR test result you should direct them to complete the student / staff self-report form (see links above). If you are a member of staff and need further information about how a positive case report is handled, you should read the Newman Covid-19 Reporting Procedure.

As a student or member of staff you can find plenty of information on the intranet including:

Covid-19 Helpful Policies and Documents
Covid-19 FAQs for Students
Covid-19 Testing FAQs
Covid-19 Support for Staff – Health & Safety (staff only page)

Like many other universities, Newman University is operating a ‘1 metre plus’ set up on campus. This means you should stay at least one metre away from someone else and if you are less than 2 metres from someone, where possible there should be another protective measure such as the wearing of face-coverings or a Perspex screen. The safety and well-being of our students, staff and community is our priority. You are encouraged to follow this link to read the entire Face Coverings and Social Distancing Statement. You will find a summary of it at the bottom of this webpage. More information about teaching and learning arrangements on campus can be found on our studying at Newman page.

Students who are able to, are expected to take lateral flow (LFD) tests twice weekly on the week before they return to university and every week of September after that. This can be done at the on-campus ATS (asymptomatic test site), with free tests available for collection from the Newman University security office, supermarkets, train stations or pharmacies or sent to you from the NHS test ordering website.

Newman University Covid-19 Resilience Commitment Statement explains Newman University’s commitment to resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A full and detailed corporate University Risk Assessment is available on the Covid-19 Helpful Policies and Documents page of the University intranet. Local risk assessments have been undertaken by teams and business units.


The following is a summary:

Face Coverings and Social Distancing from September 2021

  1. People on the Newman University campus are expected to wear a face covering:
    – when moving around campus and when seated closer than 1 metre from someone else.
  2. People should use their own judgement whether or not to wear a face covering:
    – when seated 1 metre or more apart from someone else.
  3. People are not required to wear face coverings:
    – outdoors
    – when eating or drinking
    – when in University accommodation if they are residents of that accommodation
    – if people are exempt
  4. In order to promote the safety of all and the provision of on campus teaching and services for students, the campus is applying a ‘1 metre plus’ approach, where possible. This means you should remain at least 1 metre away from others and if you are less than 1 metre from someone else you should ensure there is an additional (‘plus’) safety measure. The most common additional safety measure is a face covering or a protective screen. On a case by case basis, there may be events with different mitigations in place.
  1. Everyone needs to be mindful of the needs of others and be prepared to make reasonable individual adjustments that may be important for or requested by others. This might involve giving someone more space, wearing a face covering to make someone else feel safer, using a transparent face covering*, or temporarily removing your face covering in order to aid communication.
  2. If staff choose to wear a face covering in teaching sessions, it is required that they wear a transparent face covering* to enable clear, inclusive communication to all. The University will provide these (speak to you Faculty).

* N.B. Safety-wise the most effective face coverings are well-fitted, and prevent the dispersal of airborne particles, meaning a face-mask with a clear panel is the safest option. However, a full face visor / shield is acceptable in these circumstances as they are often considered to be more helpful to aid clear communication.

Studying at Newman

Your Questions Answered

It’s important to check and follow the current advice around reporting symptoms, travel and maintaining good hygiene. If you are told by NHS 111 to self-isolate, please follow all medical guidance. Please see our useful links below:

How to wash your hands – NHS guidance on when and how to wash your hands, and what to do if you can’t access hand-washing facilities.

NHS self-isolation advice – Guidance on when and how you should self-isolate, including links to mental health and well-being information.

Government website – Government guidance and support relating to the Coronavirus pandemic as well as a detailed breakdown of recent changes.

Current staff/ students – If you are a current student or member of staff at Newman University, the latest Covid-19 information will be communicated via the weekly bulletins. Students can also visit our Covid-19 FAQs for Students page on the intranet for further advice.

Managing COVID-19 Lockdown Learning at Home

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