Why should I be involved?

As a key stakeholder and panel member, you will have access to a wide range of involvement opportunities. Initially the focus will be helping us to design and develop: 

  • Programmes and curriculum
  • Student recruitment and selection processes
  • Teaching and assessments
  • Simulation activities
  • Evaluation methods for the success and quality of programmes

It envisaged that this will grow and evolve as we move towards the delivery and evaluation phase of the programmes. You will have the opportunity to contribute to the areas of involvement dependant on your areas of expertise and/or interest.

You will develop new and transferable skills and you will have access to training opportunities to support your individual development needs in areas such as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion training & Recruitment & selection training. 

I retired from the Civil Service about six years ago. l am a service user at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, a volunteer at the hospital and chair the Public Engagement in Nursing (PEN).

I saw an advert for role models to take part in providing student nurses an opportunity to create End of Life situations to portray how to emotionally cope in this type of situation. We received much praise from the students; they found our portrayal so realistic and useful for their future experiences with relatives, family members etc.

I have taken part in videos used by the students and the PEN group has spoken to groups of students, concerning our own disabilities or how we cope on a daily basis to keep fit and healthy.


During lockdown, members of PEN, including myself, maintained a certain amount of rapport with the students using Zoom, we could talk face to face.

I am also a member of the Patient, Carer and Community Council, we meet on a regular basis. We also get opportunities to join other groups within the surrounding hospital.

I know we are going to see great things happening with Newman University, l cannot wait to be a part of this wonderful opportunity.


Janet Smith

Having qualified as a nurse, I worked in ICU and as a community nurse before retraining to work as a Senior Nurse Lecturer for 22 years. I have been involved in a wide range of separate roles within that period including values-based recruitment, clinical skills simulation, mentorship working with nurses, paramedics, midwives, and nursing associates. I have also work closely with service users and carers in the development, recruitment and education of health care professionals. 

I have also received care from the NHS as a patient with a long-term condition and have a relative living with dementia. 

I felt I could offer my experience to support the Expert in Experience Group to help develop, support and maintain the focus on service user/carer involvement within this new curriculum. 

It is vital to have input from service users/carers of the NHS and experts from outside the university to ensure that nurse education includes their voice. It also enables individuals to be involved in the curriculum’s development, support recruitment and selection and provide real-life experience for the students during their education. 


Helen Jones

RN, BSc(Hons) PGDE, MA 

Catherine Fletcher joined the Expert by Experience Group and explains why she would encourage others to get involved:

“I heard about the programme through Recovery College for All. I got involved because I wanted to help others, support the development of students by answering their questions and thought it was also a great way of giving back.

“I felt my experiences would offer students a realistic view of what their role would actually be like, while helping them to develop treatments and best practice.

“I would encourage others to get involved as they will get to see the other side of things and evolve as an individual. Being part of this programme also encourages inclusivity. I found the first group meeting very interesting and am looking forward to using my own experience to improve what Newman University students do in the workplace.”


Catherine Fletcher

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