School Direct can provide you with the opportunity to have more influence and control over the way that teachers are trained. It is a way of ensuring that newly qualified teachers deliver great lessons in your school. It provides you with the chance to plan ahead and consider your curriculum needs.

Working with Newman, you get to select and recruit the trainees that your partnership of schools wants to employ as teachers once they qualify and shape their training to suit your school(s) and pupils.

Newman has an established reputation for producing high-quality teachers, who understand the needs of the children they teach and develop creative and effective practice. Newman’s experienced tutors and strong relationships with schools will support your programme and build upon the successful School Direct programme established at the university.

School Direct is a way of growing your own teachers and future leaders; it can make a key contribution to your school improvement strategy and help the continuing professional development of your staff.

Benefits of School Direct for your school:

  • Select the trainees that come into your school(s)
  • Customise the training to suit the needs of your school and trainee
  • Trainees get on board very quickly
  • Develop tailored training programmes with Newman University
  • Build stronger partnerships with other local schools, across teaching phases, and teacher training providers

If you are interested in participating in School Direct, you can also learn from other schools and prepare now to request places for next year. There is also more information available for schools already taking part in the programme this year on the information for participating schools page. There is also information about how your school should consider planning, preparing and establishing a School Direct programme on the key questions to shape your programme page. Furthermore, you might wish to introduce yourself to the programme, and become more familiar with School Direct by hosting a trainee for a short six-week second placement.  If this is something you would like to explore, contact the University.

In the meantime, if you would like further information or a conversation with a member of our education team (or to arrange a visit from us) please contact us.