Age Legislation

Age Legislation

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Last Updated: February 15th 2021

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The Employment (Equality) Age Regulations (2006) were created in October 2006. These regulations only apply in Britain and separate regulations will be implemented in Northern Ireland.

This legislation has been designed to address common misconceptions and stereotypes attributed to both the young and the old. These misconceptions commonly affect such things as:

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Staff Development
  • Promotion
  • Redundancy

Ageism costs the UK economy approximately £31 billion and is said to be the most common form of discrimination.

The Employment (Equality) Age Regulations – Full Documentation

You are able to view the full text of the regulations via The National Archives website.

Help and Guidance on UK Legislation

Following are a number of external web sites providing guidance on British age discrimination issues:

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