Encrypting and Decrypting files and folders using 7-Zip

Encrypting and Decrypting files and folders using 7-Zip

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Last Updated: January 27th 2020

Here is a guide to help you encrypt and decrypt files and folders using 7-Zip. Staff should consult the Information Classification Table and follow the guidance for emailing. The primary recommended method for password protecting files and folders is 7-Zip as it creates a new copy of the document / folder which is password protected and you only need the password for this new copy. This is particularly helpful if you just need to protect your document whilst ‘in transit’ e.g. travelling by email, or being stored on a USB. Your original is left unencrypted. This guide explains how to encrypt (password protect) using 7-Zip and how to decrypt (open) a file that is protected by 7 Zip.

If you cannot make this method work on your device you may be able to use the in-built Microsoft Office password facility. For information about this please go the the intranet page Password Protecting Documents in Microsoft Office

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