Religion and Belief Legislation

Religion and Belief Legislation

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Last Updated: October 14th 2019

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UK Religion and Belief Legislation Summary

A number of legislative acts provide protection for individuals on the grounds of religion and belief. The original Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations (2003) did not provide cover for individuals that are discriminated against in the areas of goods, services and facilities.

The new Racial and Religious Hatred Act (2006) amends the Public Order Act (1986) and ensures that protection is given against harm because of religious beliefs (or lack of).

The Equality Act (2006) has recently become an Act of Parliament. This act has items to protect individuals with regards to religion and belief in the areas of goods, services and facilities. In relation to HEIs, this means that services offered in areas such as accommodation and food may be subject to this legislation.

Religion and Belief Legislation – Full Documentation

The following is a list of documents that relate to religion and belief legislation. This list is in chronological order (oldest first).

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