Sexual Orientation Legislation

Sexual Orientation Legislation

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Last Updated: December 18th 2018

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UK Sexual Orientation Legislation Summary

As many people are already aware, couples of the same sex are now able to register for a civil partnership. These partnerships have the same legal rights as married couples, which also includes the same employee rights entitlement.

The types of employee rights available to couples in a civil partnership include:

  • statutory paternity pay
  • paternity and adoption leave
  • flexible working

In addition, amendments to the Equality Bill approved in November 2005 will enable regulations to be made that will prohibit sexual orientation discrimination with regards to the provision of goods, services and facilities.

Sexual Orientation Legislation – Full Documentation

The following is a list of documents giving detailed information on all legislation relating to sexual orientation:

Help and Guidance on UK Legislation

The following are a number of external web sites providing guidance on UK sexual orientation issues:

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