Mohammed Accounting and Finance Graduate Mohammed Adrise

Accounting and Finance Graduate, Class of 2020

“I chose to study Accounting and Finance because I always had a passion for maths ever since I left school. Studying an accountancy degree enabled me to further expand my mathematics knowledge, which is something I have always looked forward to. My main reason for choosing Newman University was because they had a lot to offer to their students, such as one-to-one tutorials, seminars and small class sizes which made the learning experience a lot easier. In addition, the open day, and online prospects included outstanding reviews from graduates who not only studied the accountancy programme, but other programmes which are available.

The staff had supported me throughout my time at the university by making sure I understood the questions and topics being studied or analysed. In addition, all staff members provided students with relevant study packs which contained necessary information to learn and pass the modules undertaken.

My work placement, in my second year of studies, was in an accountancy firm known as Rana and Co Accountants. Working alongside professionals not only gave me experience but it also gave me an insight to what the working life environment and atmosphere is like. The experience of taking part in the placement also encouraged me to apply the skills taught in class to a real-life situation. It also benefitted me as it helped to understand the topics in greater depth.

My time at Newman has encouraged me to make new friends and learn new skills. The modules taught within the course have helped me in apply the skills within my own business, I now own a grocery and convenience store.

Starting university can be hard, but at the end it’s all worth it. The students and staff at the university are friendly and always willing to help. The overall experience at the university has been outstanding. As piece of advice to future Newman students, always believe you can do it because nothing is impossible.”

“My work placement was helpful because I gained substantial knowledge by getting practical training on real life cases. It has supported my studies as I got to use accounting software and real financial statements. My abilities of working individually were tested, and whenever I was stuck, the accountants there provided help. I am enjoying my course and I have got a much greater understanding, with the hours spent on my work placement, I got a taster of the environment I can expect in the workplace.”

Jose Catana – BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Student

Hamza Accounting and Finance StudentHamza Zamir

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Student

The main thing which attracted me to study at Newman University was the sizes of class room in terms of students, which meant you could interact with the lecturer more better and get the lecturers attention if you didn’t fully understand a particular area as most universities have hundreds of students sitting in one lecture hall.

The beauty of the Accounting and Finance course is that it I can consider many careers within accounting and finance such as Financial Accountant, Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, Tax Consultant and many more.

All the staff in Newman are friendly and always willing to help you. Staff in the Accounting and Finance department are professionals with many years of experience, very good skills and knowledge in the accounting and finance area, also they are approachable, and are willing to help you achieve your goals.

As part of my course I had to carry our work placement, I carried out my work experience in a finance department as an Accounts Assistant for a local charity centre. I was able to work alongside with professionals such as the Accounts Manager and the Head of Department. I learnt a lot from this experience as I used different accounting software such as Sage and many others. I was able to gain the experience of working in an office environment, working under pressure and meeting deadlines set by management.

Since graduating from Newman University I have secured a job as a Bank Advisor for Santander. My job involves handling various banking enquiries making sure the customers feel valued and supported, and treating customers fairly by identifying their needs, the job also involves growing and building a sustainable relationship with Santander customers. Studying Accounting and Finance at Newman University has really helped especially by completing the work experience module as I gained experience in a office working environment and meeting new people. Also by completing a Finance module in my degree at this university, it helped me to build an interest in working in the banking sector.

I highly recommend you study Accounting and Finance BA Hons at Newman University because it’s a great university in terms of location, has free car parking facility, lecturers are highly skilled with a passion in the subject they teach and want all students to succeed and achieve their goals.”

“I chose to study at Newman University because Newman University is near to my house and I was convinced that small class sizes mean that academic staff can give personal care and attention to each student. They offer a friendly and supportive environment for all students. The student support services are always there for us when we need them.”

Arati Chalise – BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Student

Livv Accounting and Finance StudentLivv Beasley

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance Student

I applied to Newman University because I really liked the atmosphere on campus and the friendly lecturers. It’s close to home which was a really important factor for me as I have worked part time throughout the whole of my degree, so it enables me to be to more flexible all round. I was originally enrolled at Newman on the Business Management degree however, after only 5 weeks of studying the course, I made the decision to transfer courses. This was the best decision I have ever made as this course is much more suited to me and the career prospects I have.

The course has definitely exceeded my expectations in every way possible, the lecturers are almost always available for one-to-one guidance and they offer quality support for not only academic struggles, but personal ones too. My lecturers have very thorough and structured methods of teaching and ensure all students are on the right track with their studies. They aren’t the type of lecturers to throw a bunch of information at you and expect you to work entirely independently to understand a topic, they go through everything thoroughly and offer us support if we need it.

My level 5 work placement has been the making of me, I was even offered a job out of it! I am returning to the same organisation as part of my final year research project and I couldn’t be more excited. By having that insight into the working world, it really opened my eyes and made it a lot easier in deciding what career path I want to go down.

I feel like my time at Newman has helped me hugely in not only preparing me for my future but has really helped me decide on the person I want to become. Newman have given me the confidence and skills to walk straight from university to a job with the experience I have acquired. I am hoping to either go through CIMA to acquire my professional qualifications or branch out into the Taxation.

My advice to future Newman students is to make the most of every minute possible! You won’t be thinking it now, but the 3 years at University go so quickly. Always be prepared early and don’t leave everything until the last minute, even if you work well under pressure, the more time you spend on something, the better quality the outcome is.”

Josephine Smith

Accounting and Finance Graduate, Class of 2020

“I decided to study Accounting and Finance because Accountancy is needed within every business and is a vital role with much responsibility. There is also a vast range of jobs and endless opportunities within the field. I’ve always been analytical and enjoyed working with numbers so accountancy seemed like the best choice for myself. I chose to study at Newman as I had heard about the smaller class sizes which would allow more support from lecturers. It was local to where I was living, and I knew somebody that was already studying at the University that recommended Newman.

The course covered a vast range of techniques and knowledge that have prepared me for my future within accountancy roles. The staff were really supportive throughout my time at the university. They were always happy to help and assist with any queries or additional help needed. They genuinely wanted and believed in myself and my classmates achieving well which I think was greatly motivating. The University supported me through the assistance and guidance provided when needed. There is a learning support section where help can be given to improve essay writing. I also regularly attended appointments with one of the career advisors which helped me create a CV and tips for interviews.

During the end of my university course, my course leader found a job available in an accounting and finance role which she advertised to us. I sent my CV, applied and received the job offer. I have been working there since the start of July; I’m very grateful that this opportunity was put forward to me and for the future opportunities this role holds that I wouldn’t have got if it wasn’t for my course leader. I also have my first exam booked for ACCA to start my journey to becoming professionally qualified. The university has massively prepared and assisted me with my future career. As well as being given great knowledge and understanding of the subject, our lecturers advised and gave knowledge into opportunities and guidance for post university life.

My advice to future Newman students would be to attend all lecturers and utilise all that is available from the university. To ask for help or guidance whenever needed as the lecturers are always willing to help, and to make sure all effort is put into the course to gain as much knowledge as for preparation for future career. I am extremely grateful for my time at Newman and all that my lecturers have helped me for. I would recommend the University to anyone thinking about studying Accounting and Finance as I don’t believe I would have done near as well to how I did at any other institution.”

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