kamila applied humanities studentKamila Trojanowska- BA (Hons) Applied Humanities

“I chose to study Applied Humanities because it is unlike any other course; the very nature provides you with endless possibilities for the future. It goes against the conventional style of teaching; students have a lot more freedom to work on what interests them. This makes the future seem open and full of possibilities.

The course has exceeded my expectations. I always sensed that my purpose in life was to improve the world somehow and Applied Humanities sets out a foundation for that. It encourages you to challenge convention and pomposity. It draws upon literature, history and philosophy – the things that define our humanity. The modules are designed to truly make a difference and it is very inspiring to be a part of that.

One of my favourite things about the course is the freedom we have with assessments. They are negotiated assessments meaning that we can negotiate with our lecturers about its content. Every assessment is aimed at helping to develop our skills for the future. It takes into account the interests of each individual which makes it even more special.

The inclusive nature of this course has challenged my views about higher education: Newman is open and caring which is what makes it different from other universities. The staff in Applied Humanities are exceptional. They go above and beyond to ensure you are on track and support you in any way that is possible. They set out work to challenge your weaknesses and enable you to grow as a person. We are always provided with resources that push us to produce high quality but also meaningful work. They are very approachable and provide a safe environment to come forward with any concerns or difficulties. This is most useful when assignment anxiety starts to build up. I have also been allocated a mentor that helps me stay on track.

Applied Humanities includes career development segments which are designed specifically to aid your future and help you decide what to do later in life. After my studies I am considering a psychology conversion course to carry on trying to make a difference and lead on from the work I have been doing in my current course.”

kirstie applied humanities studentKirstie McIlwraith – BA (Hons) Applied Humanities

“I originally considered a creative writing degree with the intention of a career of teaching creative writing to mature students. I was offered the foundation pathway which would take 4 years, so when I heard about Applied Humanities it seemed perfect. I knew straight away this was a great option for me. I mean what’s not to love? You can tailor it to your own interests and career path whilst also saving time and money.

My favourite thing about this course is that it helps me to think outside the box and encourages me to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve tried photography and editing to make a photobook, which I turned into a video with music. I have written a blog and produced a PowerPoint presentation with audio recording. These are things I would of never have dreamt of doing previously. This degree gives you that confidence to try new things. It has given me the opportunity to express myself in a way that works for me.

Being a mature student, there is always a worry that you won’t fit in, but friends studying at Newman reassured me that they had never once been made to feel like they didn’t belong and were always made to feel welcome.

Studying at Newman University has been a great experience so far, with so much help and support available. For example, the careers team are already helping me to gain the experience I need through voluntary work and my tutors are helping me to plan my assessments to prepare my postgraduate application.

My ambitions have definitely changed since starting the degree and I am now hoping to move on to the ‘Step Up to Social Work’ Programme to become a Social Worker.”

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