Rosa da Silva - Applied Social ScienceRosa Da Silva – Applied Social Science

“Newman University is family, we are all here for each other; as the saying goes charity starts at home. I chose my course because I recognised the need to have a better understanding of society from as many angles as possible.

Staff challenge my way of thinking, aiding me to explore parts of my brain that I have never done before.

I have asked for support in an emotional, financial, academic and inspirational level, I have so much support. Peers and staff will check in even after I declare that I am okay.

I am a mentor, and I have volunteered to be part of HEADstart. I’m also currently in two student – staff partnerships to improve this amazing place.

I hope to work for the third sector, or something the promotes those who are dehumanised in society, and find a way to break inequality.

Do the foundation year; have fun; get a job; get involved in Newman, find something you are interested in and get involved. And don’t give up!”

Emily Ashmore - Social Science studentEmily Ashmore –  Applied Social Science BA (Hons)

“I study Applied Social Science at Newman University as I am interested in society and about inequalities. I chose Newman University because it is small and friendly.

The staff at Newman are extremely helpful and approachable, the open door policy is also great. They have definitely supported me during my time at university.

I have created my own Society called Helping Hands whilst studying at Newman and I am also running to be on the Students’ Union Committee next year.

As well as this, I am currently a student advisor at the University.

When I complete my degree, I would like to create a social enterprise working with communities and have already been involved in an Enabling Enterprise project during my studies.

There are so many opportunities that are available at Newman and the support system is amazing; being a small university makes you feel like a part of a family.

Since studying at Newman I have been given opportunities that I only ever dreamed of, Newman has built my confidence hugely and allowed me to fulfil my potential.”


Student Carly WrightCarly Wright – Applied Social Science BA (Hons)

“I chose to study at Newman University as I really like the personal feel that Newman offers due to it being a smaller university and class sizes are relatively small. I have an interest in social issues, mainly housing and welfare, so the Applied Social Science course relates to my interest.

The support and the opportunities we have been offered as students have exceeded my expectations, opportunities include trips relevant to the course and also guest speakers.

I am overwhelmed with the support we receive from the staff. We can ask them any questions at any time, and they are always happy to help. They give us so many tools that help us with assignments and planning too.

The staff are always on hand to help with any issues that may affect our work or university life. I have also accessed support with my anxiety and used the finance department to ensure my living costs/student loans were being used in the best way.

I am Social Secretary for the Helping Hands society and also carry out volunteering roles outside of university life to help me with my career afterwards. My goal is to achieve my degree and obtain a higher level of employment than before I started my degree and relevant to the area I want to work in.

My advice for future students would be to attend the open days and induction days as that gave me a good insight into what to expect from the university. I knew from my induction I was comfortable with the staff and the university and knew I would be okay spending the next three years at Newman. Also there is so much support available but students have to access it. You get from the course what you put in and the support is there for you whenever you need it.

I was worried starting at Newman as a mature student and one of the oldest members in the class. However, the class sizes are small, and I feel very comfortable at Newman and have made some great friends along the way. The staff have an open-door policy and are always on hand in person or emails should you need them. The university also understands outside commitments and allow parents to bring children into the university which allows students to not miss lectures during school holidays if they are unable to get childcare.”

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