Zainab Shahid - Business student Zainab Shahid – Business Management

“I study Business Management at Newman University and I chose the course because after taking my future into consideration, I came to the decision that I would like to be a retail manager or even my own boss and start my own company.

I choose to study at Newman University because I like that Newman has smaller classes which is more 1-to-1 with tutors which makes it easier to get help. Also, everyone is really friendly around campus. Everyone helps out one another which is a great atmosphere to be in and I really enjoy it.

The course has exceeded my expectations as it covers a great area in business management, for example, we have covered modules including international marketing.

The staff at Newman are kind and understanding. They are always there to help and the tutors are very empathetic. If I have a problem with my assignment or I’m not really understanding anything they are there to help and explain.

Newman’s Support team are great and are there to help with assignments or any other worries or enquires.

My goal after graduating is to work as a retail manager. I would like to be part of a graduate scheme to then gradually build up my experience to become a manager.

My advice to future Newman students would be to join as many extracurricular activities as you can. It is the best way to make new friends and get to know others around you and don’t be too scared to ask for help.”

will business alumniWilliam King

Business and MBA Graduate, Class of 2015 & 2017

“I choose to study Business as I wanted to develop my understanding of the business world and be able to develop a career where I could experience all parts of a fast-paced business. Both the Undergraduate and Master’s courses prepared me for that, focusing on operations, finance, marketing and sales. I chose to study at Newman University because I visited on an open day and enjoyed the taster sessions in the business department. The smaller class sizes and learning environment suited the way I wanted to learn.

Newman is an institution where the staff care about your development and personal wellbeing. I still have contact with many of the staff in the department. It was important for me to feel comfortable and confident when studying and learning the course materials. I am not motivated or inspired by large lecture theatres and hundreds of students. One to one feedback and reflection sessions with the course leaders in the department were vital for my development.

The course exceeded my expectations, it gave me the confidence and skill set I needed to enter a c.£300m revenue business full time and undertake a full time PhD course. I also made many lifelong friends and built connections with academics from many other institutions. My degree has given me the business and communication skills to complete tasks in a timely manner and to a high standard. Smaller class sizes helped with communication, reflection and critical discussions on a variety of challenging topics.

During my time at Newman I completed a 2014 summer internship at The Midcounties Co-operative head office in Warwick, working for the head of Sustainability. This led to me speaking at the annual general meeting (c.500 members) and obtaining a continued consultancy role for a day week during the rest of 2014 & 2015. It gave me a vital insight into the corporate world and how to work with the different departments of the business. It also allowed me to find a business problem and use it as a case study for my third year dissertation project.

After graduation I spent 2 years in Operations at Sadler’s Brewery in Stourbridge, managing warehousing, logistics, delivery of beer to around 300 pubs regionally and a team of 6 drivers and warehousing staff. I also managed the Brewhouse Bar for and retail operations at Merry Hill shopping centre and the NEC. Turned over £160k in revenue from Xmas shopping centre retail sales in 2 years.

I am now working for Halewood International (based in Liverpool and acquired Sadler’s) I am responsible for all National On Trade administration, financial analysis and reporting. I support National Account Managers (NAM’s) with sales analysis and insight, customer queries, financial planning and budgeting, sales forecasting, control of accruals and spend, deal planning and also managing 6 regional accounts in the Midlands.

I am currently completing a full time PhD in consumer behaviour at Coventry University. I am currently entering my final year, looking at energy communities across the UK and how community energy influences energy habits and behaviour. I have recently spoken at the British Academy of Management (BAM) and published a conference paper.

My advice to future Newman students is to make the most of the small class sizes and one to one contact time, look for role models and mentors that have already achieved in the University, spend time in the library and make use of the knowledgeable staff. Most importantly – when leaving, showcase your experience at Newman as a unique selling point and a niche. You will be used to and prepared for a culture that is positive, diverse and challenging.”

“I was able to get support when needed from my lecturers. I was struggling a lot with my assignments due to COVID 19 but with the help of the lecturers I was able to get a good grade and they are always willing to go extra further for you. It’s been a wonderful experience at Newman University and the support that I got from teacher has helped me to achieve good grades.”

Maisha Singh – Business Graduate, Class of 2020

ryan johnson business graduateRyan Johnson

Business and MBA Graduate, Class of 2018 & 2020

 “From the first time I visited Newman I really liked the family feel of the university, whereby every student was made to feel important, and valued. Alternatively, when I had visited much larger universities this unfortunately wasn’t the case, which made me feel that you were one of many, a number more than a person. Whereas at Newman, it really appealed to me that you could form personal connections with lecturers who not only knew your name, but were familiar with you as an individual.

Both the BA, and MBA, captured my interest as they explored a range of business practices that I held interest in. I felt that this would give me an insight into the full 360° nature of how to manage a business, whilst also allowing me to specialise in the topics that I developed a natural flare for.

The staff at Newman were incredibly supportive, and insightful, throughout my entire tenure with the university. They would often go above and beyond to ensure that I achieved the absolute most that I possibly could, and for that I owe them a great deal of gratitude.

For my work experience I worked as content editor, which allowed me to not only develop the theoretical skills that I’d been taught during my degree, but also allowed me to experience a real life workplace for the first time.

During my MBA I commenced on creating my own small enterprise, which I ran throughout the entirety of the qualification, and the years that followed. Whilst pursuing this venture I:

  • Created and maintained, where I engineered a worldwide checkout service, complete with automated postage costs.
  • Designed exclusive items to be included within the product portfolio.
  • Engaged in social media marketing, in order to enhance brand awareness globally.
  • Communicated with a global customer base, in order to secure sales, ensure client satisfaction, and most importantly, generate repeat purchase.
  • Performed trend analyses, inventory valuations, capital budgeting, financial forecasts, and break-even point calculations.
  • Ensured that a 5% donation from each sale reaches charitable causes.

I currently work as Head of Digital for MiGrowth, who are a specialist recruitment business, which utilise their own pre-assessment software to provide hiring managers with job relevant data prior to interview. I moved into this role having run my own ethical clothing company, United Kingdom Straight Edge, for the past three years, where I had shipped products to over fifteen different countries worldwide.

The theoretical understandings developed during my time at Newman gave me the knowledge and understanding of how to perform a range of tasks within a corporate setting. This along with the soft skills taught to me by my lecturers and peers allowed me to quickly adapt to the role I now hold. However, I would say that the most important lesson that I took from my time at Newman is the drive and determination to always keep pushing, and endeavour to achieve the absolute most that I can.

My advice to future Newman students is that the duration of your studies will fly by, so endeavour to get the absolute most out of your experience so that when it’s finalised you can look back with no doubt that you gave it your all. Ultimately, the work you do today will have an impact on your life tomorrow.”

Akila Razzaq

Business Management Graduate, Class of 2020

“Initially, I had no thought of joining university to complete my degree because I just didn’t think I had the ability, my confidence in myself was always low; looking through universities on UCAS and their module structures as well as how the courses were assessed, the more it put me off from applying to any university. I chose to study my course (Business Management) here at Newman University because it was local to where I lived and this was something I wanted as being away from home just wasn’t a thought that crossed my mind, because of the added stress. I was attracted to Newman University when I saw the course was assessed through mainly coursework, having to deal with the stress of end of semester exams for each module studied is stressful because it’s the case of remembering what you have in a semester all at once which just adds pressure, being assessed by coursework means students have the opportunity to balance study life better because it gives you control of producing high quality work without having a time strain put on you unlike an exam.

Looking back at my course, I’m pleased to say it exceeded my expectations; the fact that Newman has a smaller capacity in comparison to other universities like UoB and Aston University works a treat for students because it means lecture classes are not made up of many meaning that lecturers can work closely with students and interaction with lecturers is easy. I’ve enjoyed studying Business Management at Newman University, the lecturers are beyond helpful and always strive to ensure they are giving students 100%. The learning support at Newman has been instrumental in my ability to improve my assessment writing skills. The out of hours contact is exceptional, students get quick responses from lecturers and have their full support, having been a student affected by the current pandemic my main worry was contact but I’m pleased to say regardless of Covid-19, lecturers have been a big help and contribution to my success.

The support of Newman staff is beyond words, having started the year with a surgical procedure which required me to have a recovery period of six weeks, I missed a lot of theory lectures that were essential to my assessments. Lecturers during my recovery period kept contact with me, giving me details of each week’s lectures by email and ensuring all material was attached on Moodle before the lecture but what helped me the most was the support and one to ones which they offered, giving me an opportunity to discuss any queries I may have both personal or work related, this type of support is something which a student holds dear.

Newman University has helped me grow as a person and in confidence, this university pushes your boundaries, ones you didn’t think you’d go beyond. I can proudly call myself a Newman graduate leaving with a 1st classification in my course, had it not been for Newman I wouldn’t have dreamt of achieving this! I am now looking to go onto completing my Masters studies in Business Law before venturing into a career in Business Law/Management.”

“My time at Newman prepared me for my career by providing me we relevant theories and frameworks that are used in all areas of business. Work experience provided an opportunity to use some of the things I had learnt, and experience first-hand the roles I could be doing post university. I was fortunate to be awarded a cash grant to support my business idea, furthermore I went on a week long course with like-minded entrepreneurs to learn more about starting up a business.”

Craig Murphy – Business Graduate, Class of 2019

olivia business graduateOlivia Tame

Business Graduate, Class of 2015

“I chose to study Business because I had a large interest in the world of business, how businesses work and how they are expected to survive- what the components are that they had to maintain and focus on in order to be successful, how businesses should treat their people and how their impact on both the market and the environment can contribute towards their success. I chose to study at Newman University because the classes are smaller than a larger university which allows you to obtain 1-2-1 support should you need to. Closer working groups and activities are completed which varies our learning than just being taught by books and power point presentations.

The course exceeded my expectations, it was much more interesting than I had imagined. The tutors were creative with their presenting and their methods of assessment.  All staff at Newman are very friendly, supportive and helpful wherever possible. My tutors were all very friendly and you could have a laugh and a joke with them also. Newman supplied great online learning opportunities, as well as physical learning opportunities and resources via the Library which has thousands of books for a variety of subjects as well as useful links to online libraries and resources.

After graduating from Newman I joined Willmott Dixon Partnerships/ Fortem Solutions Ltd. I joined as a Management Trainee and worked in various sectors of the business to learn about the operations. I graduated my Management trainee programme and become an Assistant Site Manager for Aids and Adaptations for Birmingham City Council working for Fortem. After 2 years in this role I applied to another role as Assistant Build Manager for an Interiors Fit-out company called Willmott Dixon Interiors, where I still remain working on a large office building refurbishment in Brindley Place. With my degree knowledge I have been nominated as Waste and Sustainability Champion for two construction projects for the company that I work for.

Studying my degree helped me learn to manage my time effectively especially when balancing my time between learning and also working. My communication skills improved because you find when you need to ask a question to complete your work you ask it rather than wait for the moment to pass. Your interpersonal skills with others will also improve as you work with a variety of different people- different ages, different religions, backgrounds etc.

My main advice for future Newman students is to enjoy Fresher’s week and make friends. These people might be the ones to help you through the course should you need it. Use your team effectively to study and use all resources available to you including other’s knowledge. Do not be afraid to ask for help. All the tutors are friendly and supportive and are there for you to be successful. It is also important to have some downtime when studying as it can become stressful and heavy. Make sure that you either join a club that you love/ enjoy doing or take up a hobby.”

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