Angel Okoro - sport studentAngel Okoro – Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons)

“I liked the idea of studying at a smaller University; Newman only has around 3000 students which has its benefits. It means that you are part of a tight knit community where everyone knows everyone and you have a closer relationship with lecturers/ staff; which has made me feel more confident and comfortable approaching them with any problems or questions. It also means that I have made quality friendships with so many students from all years, not just trough sport but also through Social events.

I’ve always played sport ever since a young age and have loved playing competitively. It’s a physical and emotional escape and is a way for me to relieve the stress of Uni life. I’m particularly interested in the theoretical side of sport which focuses on sport physiology, psychology and sport development.

I have been challenged much more than I expected to be challenged on my course and Newman and the staff on my course are extremely supportive. My lecturers in particular are quick to respond to emails and also have an open door policy which means we are welcome to drop into their offices anytime we need help with something.

Newman also offers many different workshops to help you develop a range of skills, for example, public speaking workshops to help improve your confidence and delivery when presenting in front of people.

I am also a course rep – this role requires me to take on board the concerns and opinions of students on my course and raise these in meetings with staff and lecturers so that improvements can be made.

As well as this I am a student ambassador, this is a paid job within the Uni and my responsibilities involve, giving informative campus tours, delivering student life talks to students of various ages, visiting other educational establishments and delivering information about Uni and greeting, registering and escorting visitors to and around Campus.

I am part of the netball and women’s football team. Being part of these teams has allowed me to make so many friends from all years and also play competitively against other Uni teams.

I am 1 of 2 social secretaries for the Netball team at Newman. My role is to promote the netball team and recruit members throughout the year. I also have to come up with and organise social events in order to raise money for the netball team or a charity of our choice. An activity we recently held was a ‘Name the Christmas Bear’ competition, in which students and staff has the opportunity to guess the name of a life size teddy bear for just £1. The winner won the bear for Christmas and we raised £100 for the netball team to go towards netball events, kit and equipment.

The SU have helped me set up my own cheerleading society by giving me training on how to become a successful Chair of a society and also designing and printing cheerleading posters to advertise the society. After setting up this society with my friend, I took on the role of Chair, which means I am in charge of organising sessions and any cheerleading related events. I have to keep in contact with the treasurer and social secretary in order to increase and maintain numbers and manage our funds.

I advise future students to take as many opportunities as you can. Make the most of your time at Uni and get your money’s worth! With Newman being a smaller University getting these opportunities are easier than in most other universities. However, make sure you don’t overload yourself with commitments outside of your studies. I advise to settle in to uni life first and do as much as you can in your first and second years before your workload becomes too much.”

Luke Ryley – Physical Education and Sport (BA) (Hons)

“I am passionate about Physical Education and have been for many years. I have been inspired to develop a career opportunity from this subject. My desire to be involved in Physical Education came from experience, as it was informative to see how valuable PE teaching is. It is important each individual enjoys PE, as there are numerous benefits from participating. Ranging from physical development to improved social skills, all demonstrate the importance of PE and how large an impact it can have on an individual’s life. I have the intention to shape each future student into a knowledgeable, active participant.

The BA (Hons) Physical Education and Sport course at Newman is great! Even though I am studying Physical Education, there are a number of interesting modules I am completing that you wouldn’t expect. Sports psychology and sociology of sport are included during the course, resulting in broad knowledge of sport as a whole. My favourite thing about my course is the seminars, in some weeks there is hands on learning, so I am able to get a real understanding of what skills and knowledge is needed to be an effective teacher.

My favourite thing about Newman University as a whole would be the availability of lecturers. Being a small university, the lectures have more time to help out with anything you need.   They are extremely helpful, and their open-door policy means they are always available to offer advice and guidance. It is useful to know that there is also a designated mentor you are assigned to. These mentors are course related, so if I am ever struggling with something, they are there to help. One thing to remember is that any lecturer in the sport department is willing to help out, it isn’t always the module leader you have to go to.

During my time there have been a number of sessions that a student can attend if they ever need help with work. Referencing sessions are held regularly as well as assignment support. Communication is a strength of Newman University, as I am constantly updated with what is happening in an email, so I will never miss an event or important information.

As I love sport, I am part of the Newman football team. All of the lads are brilliant, they are really friendly, and everyone is encouraged to be part of the team. Being part of the football team also expanded my friends at university, as I mixed with students from different years rather than just my own.

After I complete my third year at university, I would like to train to become a PE teacher. This could be through a PGCE that is offered at Newman University. Once I have completed final training, I would like to start working in a secondary school PE department. The course I am studying at Newman has already given me a great insight as to what is needed to be an effective teacher. This includes the work involved and the skill set needed that an individual should have if they want to create good PE lessons.

If you like the idea of having someone you can talk to and help guide you through university, I would strongly recommend Newman University. The teaching is effective and includes everything you will need to not only complete the course, but help you be successful in the future.”

Abigail Griffin - sport studentAbigail Griffin – Sport and Exercise Studies BA (Hons)

“I chose to study sport as it was my main interest and I wished to continue this in my career and I chose Newman as my place of study as it’s a smaller university where you can know lecturers on a one-to-one basis.

I’ve learnt a lot whilst studying and have also had the chance to take part in international placements, including a trip to the Gambia where I learnt about different ways of life.

The support from staff at Newman is brilliant, they go out of their way to help you and the open door policy is the best thing! As I have dyslexia Student Support have helped me massively when structuring my work and understanding assignment briefs.

I have also been able to get involved with mentoring and volunteering whilst at university and I hope to complete a PGCE when I finish my undergraduate degree so I can become a Special Educational Needs (SEN) teacher.”

Skye Sherringtonsport student Skye

BA (Hons) Physical Education and Sport

“When searching for a University to go to, I visited many, but there was not one that I felt comfortable in. However, when attending Newman University’s open day, I originally was drawn to how small it was, I knew here would be the place I’d feel most comfortable to thrive in. I immediately felt welcomed in my surroundings. Being so small, students have the opportunity to have closer relationships with their lecturers and receive any guidance they may need. I am challenged each day at University, but the staff within the Sport department are extremely supportive and their open-door policy allows you to receive advice at any time, revealing how willing they are to support you. Not just the Sport department but also the services and workshops that the University offers. I believe the lecturers shape a huge part of your University experience and I cannot thank the staff enough, they are all wonderful.

Newman University has allowed me to grow as an individual and in an area I am passionate about. The BA (Hons) Physical Education and Sport course is amazing, I did not realise how broad the course was going to be, topics such as Sports Psychology and Sociology were not topics I expected to partake in, but I have thoroughly enjoyed widening my knowledge. One of my favourite things about university is the hands-on experience you have in seminars but also how each student is included in lectures, everyone is treated equally and you always have the opportunity to share your thoughts.

My goal is to achieve a first-class degree and take this achievement to London where I plan to take part in a PGCE in secondary teaching and also set up my own fitness business with the ambition to channel enthusiasm for sport into the minds of both children and adults in order to transform their lives physically, socially and mentally. This course in itself has allowed me to gain an insight of skills needed to be effective in the sporting sector but more specifically an effective and educated PE teacher.

If you like the idea of being part of a small community, gaining high quality support and teaching, I would strongly recommend attending an Open Day as you will not be disappointed. The staff are so effective with their teaching and not only with content you need to complete your degree but also with how they guide you towards becoming a successful individual. One thing to remember for all future students is that you only fail when you stop trying, each day is a fresh start to succeed and unlock your potential, so persevere!”

student Sam Hart collects Duke of Edinburgh award at Buckingham Palace

Sam Hart, Sport and Exercise Science BSc (Hons)

“My name is Sam Hart and I’m 19.

I study a BSc Sports and Exercise science (Hons) degree. I chose the course due to my love for sport and I look to pursue a career in performance analysis within football.

I wanted to study at Newman University because I was instantly welcomed and felt I belonged there. Secondly, the sports facilities and equipment that were made available to me including the performance lab allows me to research information I wish to study about.

The staff in the sports department, where I study, are very supportive, always open with their students and are very approachable so we can ask questions whenever we may not understand something. A member of staff has already helped me gain experience within the field of performance analysis with professional clubs including Solihull moors FC and Coventry City FC academy.

My goals are to achieve a first class degree and be able to study a Masters degree in Performance Analysis. This can then help to gain employment within football whether it be in the men’s or women’s game.

My advice to any future Newman students would be; if you want to achieve your goals don’t be afraid to fail along the way, because that’s how you learn. If you have any issues regarding study or career choice talk to a member of staff or department at the university. Everyone is willing to help and are very approachable.”

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