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Performance & Fitness Assessments

VO2max & Lactate Threshold Test

These tests allow assessment of maximal exercise capability at maximal and submaximal levels. The parameters analysed have been shown to be directly responsible for endurance performance; the information collected would allow assessment of your current fitness level and can be used to inform analysis of training data and prescribe exercise accurately. You will be provided with comprehensive report from your test within 72 hours. You may also want to discuss training programming and monitoring with our team.


The intensity which you optimally burn fat has been shown to be highly individual. So if you are looking to lose weight through exercise this test which will include analysis of expired gases during exercise will allow us to identify your optimal fat burning intensity as well as your aerobic fitness level.

Strength & Power Assessments

These assessments innovatively combine force and velocity data from our force plates and high speed cameras to accurately calculate your power output. This means we can identify optimum loads specific for your strength and conditioning plan, ensuring progression. Whether you’re an amateur athlete looking for some structured exercise plans, or an elite performer looking to fine tune your physical performance, HPL’s state of the art facilities can provide a bespoke platform for you. The HPL can also offer team-based S&C packages should you want to bring a team of athletes in.

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Body Composition & Nutritional Analysis

If you want to accurately and consistently measure your body fat % and muscle mass then you should take advantage of HPL’s multidisciplinary team. From skinfold measurements and muscle girths to bioelectrical impedance analysis, the multidisciplinary team will make sure you always receive the best support and guidance.

To ensure you reach your body composition goals, combining the body composition with the nutritional analysis will ensure you progress. From analysing your diet we can make bespoke recommendations and custom design a diet plan that works for you around your lifestyle & physical activity. We can also offer tailored performance nutrition for those looking to train and compete at the highest level or  wanting to improve their health and body composition. Team sports can also opt for our workshop option which will incorporate education, practical advice and recommendations.

Corporate Team Building Packages

If you are looking for a unique team building experience then why not put your team through a unique package of performance tests and motivational seminars. Expose your teams to an elite sport environment, challenge them physically and mentally. Your team will leave with their physical and mental health at the forefront of their minds having set goals for looking after themselves and their careers. It’s a great way to boost morale in your teams and refocus on the possible personal and company achievements that lay ahead. We offer a free consultation on your specific aims and needs as an organisation and will develop a programme that meets these needs.



Injury Rehabilitation

We work in a multi-disciplinary manner conjunction with our consultant physiotherapists who have many years of experience in the treatment of complex sports related injuries and musculo-skelatal disorders. We can assess numerous movements to a high degrees of accuracy with our state of the art equipment in the HPL so you can fully understand the nature of your injury or condition. We then use our expert team  consisting of a strength & conditioning coach, physiologist and biomechanist to deliver a bespoke programme to bring you back to full health and keep you there. Contact us for a free over the phone consultation. Teams who need bespoke support can also be helped with the packages to help them.

Lead Physiotherapy

Our Consultant Physiotherapists are from Lead Physiotherapy:

Lead Physiotherapy was formed by Peter Shaw and David Hunt, 2 physiotherapists with a long history of supplying physiotherapy rehab in elite sport. Our model is to supply the same level of elite diagnostics, medical management and treatment to the public. We believe everyone from amateur athlete, businessmen and women, mothers, children or the elderly should all have access to this care. No matter your personal goals we believe everyone should be treated to the same high standards. We stand alone from all other providers in that we can deliver end to end care from diagnosis to return to function and return to elite sport.

Lead Physiotherapy provide all kinds of musculoskeletal physiotherapy management. This ranges from back and neck pain to arthritis and elite sports injury management. We excel in bridging the gap between pain and performance. We understand the steps required to stay pain free when patients return to their desired level of function. The journey does not end when the patient is pain free. We educate our clients to continue their progression and further improve function.

Our history in elite sport and collaboration with Newman’s HPL has enabled us to have personal links with the best surgeons and specialists in the world. When required we can ensure our clients have quick access to these specialists to allow accurate early diagnosis and optimal management. We aim to solve our patients issues as quickly as possible and return them to their pain free performance goals.

For an exclusive package please contact for referral to Lead Physiotherapy