Criminology’s Sarah Watson co-authors book

29/11/2021 by Zakariye Abdillahi

Sarah Watson

Sarah Watson, Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Newman University, has authored two chapters on a new book release entitled ‘Firearms: Global Perspectives on Consequences, Crime and Control’.

The book includes thirteen chapters with contributions from a range of Criminology scholars, and explores the many dimensions of the illicit use of firearms across the globe, including legal, social science, technical and research perspectives on the issue.

Employing a global set of case studies, the book introduces students to the core issues related to the trafficking, manufacture, availability and criminal use of firearms, as well as firearms markets, national and international legal frameworks to control firearms, the response of the criminal justice system, the role of civil society in affecting change and how students can get involved through research and action.

The first of Sarah’s chapters ‘Responding to firearm crime’, co-authored with Rachel-Bolton-King, explores criminal justice responses to firearm crimes. This chapter looks at types of firearm-related offences, the role of law enforcement, forensic science and forensic-led investigations and the challenges faced by those working in the criminal justice system.

The second chapter ‘The impact of firearms on society and development’ considers the direct, indirect and economic cost of firearm related-violence. This chapter explores how men and women are affected differently by both the direct and indirect consequences, and how firearm violence is now integrated into development work and the concept of human security.

For more information and to order, visit the Routledge website.