Military personnel being victimised conference to be held at Birmingham Newman – 24th April

02/04/2024 by Newman Staff

The Soldier as Victims conference will take place on 24th April 2024

A one-day conference on Wednesday, 24th April, hosted by Birmingham Newman University, will explore the often-overlooked topic of military personnel being victimised. The Soldier as Victim conference will bring attention to the prevalence of physical injuries, mental health issues, oppressive gender roles in the army, sexual abuse, and veterans’ reintegration.

The conference will feature keynote speakers such as Professor Alex Edmonds from the University of Edinburgh, Ms Anna Koukkides-Procopiou from Cyprus Minister of Justice and Public Order 2023/24, and MS Mylène Dimitri from the International Criminal Court, along with other academics who will highlight the plethora of ways in which harm experienced by military personnel needs to be addressed at the policy level.

Dr Stratis-Andreas Efthymiou from Birmingham Newman University emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary dialogue and understanding the complexities of military life and its impact on soldiers. The conference will foster this dialogue by bringing scholars from various fields such as anthropology, gender studies, law, safeguarding, and medical ethics.

The conference discussions will lead to policy interventions on the rights and well-being of soldiers in training, during service, and transitioning back to civilian life. The conference aims to create awareness of the need for a more equitable military culture and a more informed and compassionate public discourse.

Register your attendance or find more information about the conference on the official website: The Soldier as Victim – Birmingham Newman University. For those who can’t attend, the conference will also be streamed online on MS Teams.