Newman Psychology Graduate and Lecturer see work published

24/01/2018 by Sinead Staunton

Dr Alexander Coles, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and recent Psychology graduate from Newman, Navpreet Johal, have seen their work published in the Annual Review of Cyber Therapy and Telemedicine, Volume 15.

The article, which forms part of Navpreet’s dissertation which she worked on whilst she was studying at Newman, was published in the proceedings of the Annual CyberPsychology, CyberTherapy and Social Networking Conference (CyPsy22) in June 2017.

The article speaks of the 2014 celebrity phone hacking scandal and is titled Constructions of blame and responsibility in online interactions.

The article is extremely current, with many individuals and businesses experiencing the ongoing threat of cyber security each day. The work by Navpreet and Alexander looked at 830 comments from naturally occurring online discussions which took place in the comments section of a British national newspaper which reported on the illegal obtaining and distribution of intimate photographs of celebrities in 2014.

The article demonstrates the results of this research and the discussion and conclusions that followed.

The work can be found on the ARCTT website.

Dr Alexander Coles commented “This is an exciting piece of work, which cuts to a very important issue in today’s society.  It is very important that students working at the forefront of science are able to get their findings out into the wider community.”

Students at Newman University are often presented with opportunities such as this to be able to undertake their own research, supported by their lecturer. It provides students with further knowledge and experience in conducting their own research.