Stand Alone Pledge Signed by Newman University

30/10/2020 by Sinead Staunton

Stand Alond Pledge logo

The Stand Alone Pledge means that universities are publically committing to support students who are studying without the support of approval of a family network. In July of this year Newman University signed the pledge to support its students who are in circumstances such as these.

The Stand Alone Pledge believes that students who are estranged from their families should not be held back from succeeding in Higher Education and even though these students are often determined that a lack of material and emotional support and/or approval from their family will stop them from succeeding, the dropout rate from this group of students is three times higher than an average student.

With longstanding successes in providing access to university education, Newman University has committed to support all of its students, including those who are studying without the support or approval of a family network. The commitment from the University includes having a dedicated contact for estranged students within Student Support Services to offer advice and guidance from pre-application to graduation; a dedicated webpage for students; a place on the preparatory course HEADstart to assist in settling in to university life; access to accommodation year-round if needed; financial guidance and advice; access to a range of wellbeing services including counselling, mental health, disability and welfare; communication of the support on offer to students in local schools and colleges.

As well as this, over the next two years Newman University has committed to developing processes to identify estranged students and monitor their progress; improve awareness of the support available; provide information and support for colleagues who visit local schools and colleges; waive University owned accommodation deposit fees for estranged students; and take the cap off counselling sessions for estranged students where required.

For further details on the support available at Newman University and the Stand Alone Pledge visit the Support for Students who are Estranged from their Family webpage.