Supporting students and staff during Ramadan

14/03/2024 by Newman Staff

As Ramadan approaches, Birmingham Newman University is gearing up to support its Muslim students and staff in observance of this holy month.

A table will be set up on level 1 of the University Library, located on the right of the main entrance, past the service desk, by the printers.

The table will offer Iftar bags containing water and dates, essential elements for breaking the fast at sunset during Ramadan.

This thoughtful initiative aims to provide a convenient and accessible way for students and staff to partake in the religious observance of Ramadan, fostering inclusivity and support within the University community.

Speaking about the holy month, Birmingham Newman University, Muslim Chaplain, Bilal Asif explains:

“Ramadan is amongst the most special of months for Muslims. Ramadan is the Month of The Qur’an and interestingly, the word Ramadan comes from the arabic verb (Ramida), which means to burn, or intensely hot. So from this we learn if a believer observes Ramadan in the correct way, then the fasting of the believer will help him to burn ego, pride and ostentation and embrace humility, charity and gratitude.”

Community Iftar – Thursday 14th March

We will be holding a special Community Iftar event at Birmingham Newman University on Thursday 14th March.

If you would like to attend please complete the booking form:

The University wishes those observing Ramadan a blessed and fulfilling month of spiritual growth and reflection.

Iftar Bags - dates and water available at the Student Union and the Library.