Imam Bilal Asif


Imam Bilal Asif is a dedicated Muslim chaplain from Birmingham. He pursued a BA in Youth and Community Work, complemented by an extensive study of Islamic Studies, primarily guided by Shaykh Asrar Rashid.

During his university years, Imam Bilal also expanded his knowledge by completing courses in Suicide Prevention, Mental Health First Aid, and Islamic Counselling.

Post-graduation, he embarked on a journey of deepening his religious understanding in Turkey, Morocco, and Pakistan, focusing on Hanafi Fiqh, Ashari Aqeedah, and Tassawuf. Upon his return to the UK, he attained a PostGrad in Chaplaincy and commenced his career as a Muslim Chaplain (Imam) within the Prison service.With five years of dedicated service in the prison system, Imam Bilal transitioned to roles in charity organizations as a Pastoral Support Officer and International Aid Worker.

Since November 2023, Imam Bilal Asif has served as a Muslim Chaplain at Birmingham Newman University and holds the position of Head of Education and Khateeb at Worcester Jamia Masjid. He also serves as an Islamic consultant to various charitable organizations.

In the humanitarian realm, from 2021 to 2023, Imam Bilal has travelled to Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, and Ghana, actively participating in various humanitarian initiatives.

As of July 2023 Imam Bilal has been hosting Birmingham Newmans very own Radio show on UnityFM 93.5 title UniMatters. On this show he talks with members of staff and students from all walks of life and departments in regards to their journey into Higher education.


Key Accomplishments:
• BA in Youth and Community Work, 2013
• Extensive training in Suicide Prevention and Islamic Studies
• Prison Chaplaincy at HMP Bullingdon, 2019 to 2022
• Currently holds the position of Head of Education at Worcester Jamia Mosque.