Daniel Whisker


Dan’s background is as a sociologist and educator. He was awarded his doctorate in 2008, and worked for several years teaching in Birmingham secondary schools and universities.


Research Interests

Dan’s research background is in the sociology of religion, and he has published pieces on ‘New Age’ religions and the ‘Religious Right’ in the USA. More recently he has been researching, and supervising research about, the nexus of schooling, values and identities in the UK, and about intercultural pedagogies in the social professions. He is also interested in thinking about practices of cultural memory in relation to deep time.



Dan teaches across a range of modules, with particular emphasis on social theory, research methods, alternative pedagogies and work-related learning.


Administrative Responsibilities

Dan coordinates the Work Related Learning modules for Working With Children, Young People and Families and is always interested to hear from organizations willing to host students on work experience.


Membership of Professional Organisations

Dan is a fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a member of the South Birmingham branch of the Woodcraft Folk and a governor at St Michael’s Primary School, Bartley Green.

Other Activities

Other Activities

In 2016 Dan was Assistant Co-ordinator of ‘Learning Together’ Applied Social Science pilot collaboration programme between Newman University & HMP Birmingham, with responsibility for Health and Safety assessment.

Since 2015 Dan has been a group leader with the South Birmingham branch of the Woodcraft Folk, delivering informal and alternative educational activities for local children. Since 2019 he has also been secretary of the branch.


Key Publications

Pihlaja, Stephen;  Whisker, Dan & Vickerage-Goddard, Lisa (2022) Categories in Discourse about Church of England Primary Education, Religion & Education, 49:3

Whisker, Dan; Pihlaja, Stephen & Lisa Vickerage-Goddard. (2020) Diversity and Success in Church Schools. Cambridge: Grove Books.

Whisker, Dan & Winn-Oakley, Maureen (2020) ‘Children’s Voices, Children’s Rights’ in Working with Vulnerable Children, Young People and Families. (Eds. Cronin, M and Brotherton, G). Oxford: Routledge

Whisker, Dan (2017) ‘Society’ ‘Power’ & ‘Hegemony’ in  Education Studies: The key concepts.​ (Eds. Trotman, D., Lees H., Willoughby, R.) Oxford: Routledge

Whisker, Dan (2013) ‘The Possibility of Shamanism: a genealogy of anthropological appropriations’ History & Anthropology 12:2

Whisker, Dan (2012) ‘Apocalyptic Rhetoric on the Religious Right: quasi-charisma & anti-charisma’ Max Weber Studies 24:3