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Dr Myers, a Reader in Sport Psychology, is experienced in quantitative research methods, advising researchers, PhD and MRes students on statistical analysis in general and applied Bayesian statistical analysis in particular. In the REF 2014 in terms of publications and impact case study were recognised as internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance and rigour. Dr Myers was also part of a successful HEA strategic excellence initiative bid, ‘Enhancing retention, progression and achievement through student partnership’ project. He analysed university data and produce a statistical report that explored the influence of subject area, entry qualifications, disability and ethnicity in success and achievement, which resulted in important changes across subject areas. Dr Myers is currently an external examiner for a coaching programme for the University Wolverhampton, and has previously externally examined at University of Chichester. He has had two successful PhD candidates and currently supervises five PhD students. He has been involved in funded research projects include a recent project with SportMalta exploring the efficacy of a diet and physical activity intervention in Malta, presenting the findings to all the EU directors of sport in Malta on 15-16 March, 2017. Following the presentation, the Maltese Parliamentary Secretary for Research, Innovation, Youth and Sport announced that the project was being made available to all schools across Malta. Dr Myers has also accepted several invitations to disseminate research findings through presentations and seminars across the UK, the republic of Ireland, in Denmark (Copenhagen) on two occasions, Canada (Calgary) on two occasions and more recently in the USA (New Jersey) for the New Jersey Athletic Commission. He currently advises the Independent Board of Muay Thai officials (IBMTO) in the UK and IBMTO USA, has coached numerous World, European and British champions in the sport. In addition, he has conducted PhD progression reviews, mock PhD vivas and have externally examined MRes theses.


Research Interests

Dr Myers’s research in sport psychology focuses on factors that influence sport officials, mental toughness, emotional intelligence and motivational climate. Research more generally in sports focuses on performance analysis, biomechanics of techniques, and Bayesian data analysis.


Dr Myers teaches research methods at undergraduate level, on the MREs Human Sciences programme, and advises PhD students on data analysis across subject areas. Delivers a level 6 sport and exercise psychology module, as well as guest lectures for MSc programmes at the University of Nottingham and Coventry University. As programme leader for sport and exercise and coaching Top-up degrees, he teaches on the bridging module for that programme.

(Modules and teaching subject to change).

Administrative Responsibilities

Programme leader

Membership of Professional Organisations

A Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SHEA), member of The British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) and the European College of Sport Science.

PhD supervision

‘Children’s Physical Activity during Primary School Break Times and Physical Education: Ecologically Framed Interventions:  PhD successfully completed

‘Monitoring the training process in competitive road cyclists PhD successfully completed

‘Monitoring the training process in academy rugby union players: An evaluation of external and internal load measures and their practical application

to inform the training process in rugby union’

Developing Mental Toughness: Lessons from Paralympians, and other Elite Athlete’

‘Examining the impact of emotional intelligence on teacher trainees’

‘Developing an Enhanced Performance Motivational Climate: An Investigation into Maltese Elite Sports.’


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