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Charlotte is Lecturer in Medieval British history. Originally from Bartley Green, Charlotte studied for her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Birmingham. Her ARHC-funded PhD, ‘Cultural Expressions of Episcopal Power, 1070 – c. 1150’ was awarded in July 2011. Before moving to Newman in 2015, Charlotte taught at the University of Birmingham and the University of Warwick.


Current Teaching

Charlotte teaches medieval history, including modules on the Norman Conquest and late medieval England. Charlotte also contributes to a number of other modules including Oral and Public History. She is happy to supervise dissertations on medieval history or historiography.


Research Interests

Charlotte is interested in the cultural history of the medieval world, focusing particularly on religion and authority. Her specialism is England and France in the high middle ages. Alongside this she has a special interest in historiography more broadly.

Other Activities

Selected Conference Papers

‘Jobs for the boys: depicting episcopal power in Anglo-Norman England’, The Bishop’s Eye
Conference on Religious Men in the Middle Ages: Networks and Communities, Lincoln University, 3-
5 July 2014.

‘Method Acting: Episcopal Performance in Practice’, Leeds IMC, July 2013.

‘New Cathedrals and Old Saints: negotiating episcopal power on a local stage’, In the Hands of
God’s Servants: The Power of the Bishops in Western Europe (1000-1300), Cardiff University, May


  • ‘The Primacy Dispute: a reconsideration’ (pending submission).

  • (Forthcoming, 2016) ‘Structures of Power: examining new cathedrals and old saints on a local stage’, in Chris Dennis and Angelo Silvestri (eds.), In the hands of God’s servants: the power of the Bishops in Western Europe, Brepols.