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Tom has studied at Cambridge, Birmingham and Cardiff. He taught at Durham before coming to Newman in September 2013.


Research Interests

Tom’s research interests lie in ancient Latin Christianity. He is currently working on a book about Saint Jerome. Another strand of his research traces the reception of ancient Christian texts in twentieth-century French Catholic Theology, focussing specifically on the period around the Algerian war of independence.


Tom’s teaching includes modules on classical Theology, religion and politics, and the Abrahamic religions.

Membership of Professional Organisations

Tom is a committee member of the Ecclesiastical History Society.


Other Activities

Articles in Peer-reviewed journals

Hunt, Thomas E. 2008. “Ibi et cor tuum: Roman Christian topography and statements of Christian identity in Jerome.”  Journal of Late Antique Religion and Culture 2:17-32.

Hunt, Thomas E. 2009. “Grotesque representations of wealth and poverty in Prudentius and Jerome.” In Poverty and Riches, edited by Geoffrey D. Dunn, David Luckensmeyer and Lawrence Cross. Strathfield: St Paul’s.

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Hunt, Thomas E. 2013. “Condemning Nature? Natura in the Jovinian affair.”  Vigiliae Christianae 67.

Hunt, Thomas E. Forthcoming 2018a. “Alois Riegl, Henri Marrou, and Walter Benjamin: the interplay of modernity and late antiquity in Patristic studies.”  Studia Patristica.

Hunt, Thomas E. 2018. ‘The influence of French colonial humanism on the study of late antiquity: Braudel, Marrou, Brown’ International Journal of Francophone Studies 21.3-4, pp. 255-278.

Hunt, Thomas E. 2019. ‘Breathy shame and the place of Hebrew in the work of Jerome of Stridon’ Religion and Theology (In press)

Chapters in books

Hunt, Thomas E. 2015. “Jerome of Stridon.” In Gud er alltid større. Kirkefedrenes teologiske språk, edited by Staale Johannes Kristiansen and Peder Solberg. Oslo: Novus.

Hunt, Thomas E. 2016. “Junilius Africanus and the Instituta Regularia Divinae Legis.” In Handbuch der Bibelhermeneutiken, edited by Oda Wischmeyer and K. Pollmann. Berlin: De Gruyter.

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Hunt, Thomas E. 2019. Jerome of Stridon and the Ethics of Literary Production in Late Antiquity. Brill, forthcoming.