Peter Harris


Dr Pete Harris spent 18 years as a youth worker and then as a senior manager for a children’s charity before joining Newman in 2010. He holds a BA in Social Policy, a Dip.H.E. in Youth and Community Work and an M.A. in Education Studies. He was Presidents Doctoral Scholar at Manchester University where he completed an ESRC funded PhD in Criminology.


Research Interests

Pete brings this cross disciplinary perspective to his research activity. In 2012 he co-led a multinational research project examining youth work responses to youth violence, the findings of which became a book entitled “Responding to Youth Violence through Youth Work” in September 2016. He has since presented at the British and European Societies for Criminology and Outreach Youth Work conferences in the UK, Malta and Scandinavia on the issue of youth violence and masculinity, and has produced several published works in the area of youth work and youth crime. His current research interests include how psychosocial criminology can inform relationships between youth practitioners and young people involved in violence, gender-based abuse and violence in schools, the impact of trauma inflicted on soldiers in training, and how critical pedagogues can produce transformative learning in Higher Education.

Current Teaching

  • Programme leader for MA Criminology and Social Justice
  • Teaching and providing tutorial support for students on the Criminology BA  and MA programmes
  • Module leadership including Young People and Crime; Crime and Power; The Psychology of Criminal Justice; The Sociology of Crime; Crime, Place and Space; Rehabilitation and Desistance; Applied Psychosocial Criminology; Dissertation
  • Phd Supervision

Current Administrative Duties

  • Coordination of the Social Policy and Social Work Unit of Assessment (REF)
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Liaising with external bodies and examiners and employers

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the British Society of Criminology and Association of Psychosocial Studies

Other Activities

Publications, Conferences, and Other Research Activity


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Published books/articles

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Conference papers

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